Northeastern University is known for its sciences and business school, but the university has so much more to offer!  You can take a ton of classes during your time at Northeastern to pursue your passions, from scuba diving to music to acting to creative writing and more!  The following 10 classes are personally recommended by several current Northeastern students for the material taught, the experience in the class overall, and just how much the class was worth to them during their time at university. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at Northeastern University!

1. Recording 1 with Professor James Anderson

Recording 1 is open to all students of all majors but is a very popular class – and rightfully so. Ever wanted to learn the basics of recording?  You’ll learn all about microphones, recording techniques, the beginnings of mixing and mastering songs, and get to have some personal time in a recording studio.  The professor, Jim Anderson, is an amazing teacher with a TON of experience in the industry, having recorded, mixed, and mastered tons of well-known bands and owning his own studio.  This class is DEFINITELY one you should take if you have curiosity in the art of the recording at all.

“Recording 1 with Jim Anderson because Jim is the man, and because he speaks in a way that allowed even me (a terribly slow/challenged learner when it comes to the techy side of music…) to understand the basics of recording technology…” -current student

2. Beginner Scuba with Jim Estabrook

Ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive? Well at Northeastern University, you can!  This one-credit course is a fun way to earn elective credits, get your exercise in, and get on your way to becoming a certified scuba diver!

“It was a great opportunity to learn a skill/sport I never would have considered otherwise and I got to hide from the stress of my other classes underwater” – current student

3. Studio Production with Michelle Karr

In this course, you get to learn the ins and outs of producing a show in a real TV studio. There are 2 TV studios on campus, located in both Shillman Hall and Snell Library, which are available to students to book for whatever personal or educational projects they may want to pursue.  This is a great, fun class to take if you’re interested in TV studio production at all!

“We learned how to put on live shows in a real tv studio! It was great production experience!” – student at NEU

4. Magazine Writing with Carlene Hempel

If you enjoy writing and journalism, this class would be great for you! The class will teach your write in a way you never knew before, which will be fun and beneficial for the rest of your career – no matter what you pursue in life. 

“You will find a writing ability you never knew you had. She’s helpful and passion. I am so proud of my work from that class.” – current Northeastern student

5. Improvisation for Entrepreneurs (Improvisation) with Antonio Ocampo-Guzman

This class is a great stress relief and also teaches the fine art of improvisation. This is a great skill to learn in any field you pursue – no matter what major you are, at some point, you’ll have to “fake it until you make it” and pretend to know what you’re doing.  Improvisation is the art of doing just that, and making it seem natural.  With this wonderful theater professional as your professor, you will learn a lot while having a lot of interactive fun and getting over public stagefright/embarrassment. “it’s really fun and centers on improvisation for non-theatre majors – everyone loosens up over the course of the semester and applies the perspectives taught in that class to their daily life” one student

“The skills I learned there helped me become a much more confident speaker, which helped me in interviews, in my new career, etc. “ another student

6. Songwriting with Brad Hatfield

I have personally taken this course and I can fully recommend it under all circumstances. I took it my freshman year, first semester at college, and it really helped break me out of my shell.  The assignments were simple but creative and made you think outside the box, and I am proud of all of the songs that I came out of that class with.  The class is full of students of varying majors, freshmen to seniors, and everyone was super supportive of one another.  The biggest plus about this is the professor – Emmy-award nominated composer Brad Hatfield teaches this course and you can feel his knowledge and experience rubbing off onto you in every lesson.  He’s extremely friendly and very informational, and definitely one of my favorite professors at Northeastern.  No matter who you are or what music background you have, this class will help turn you into the confident songwriter you always dreamt of being.

7. 3D Fundamentals with Ben Caras

This class is great for letting out your inner DIY devil. You’ll have a ton of fun and learn a LOT about creating things with 3D printers and more.  You don’t need any prior knowledge in order to take this class, so no matter what your background is, the infamous Ben Caras will teach you his ways.

“A class to muck about with the arts as well as actually build stuff out of wood” student at NEU

8. Making A Musical with Allen Feinstein

This is a class unlike any other. Do you have a passion for musicals?  Are you a singer or actor or writer or want to be any of those?  Then this class is for you!  Allen Feinstein is a pro when it comes to musicals, and in this class, you will work with your fellow students to write, produce, and perform your very own musical.  It’s extremely enriching, exciting, there’s no prerequisites required, and you get to finish the course knowing you created something amazing.

“ I got to collaborate with other students across disciplines to make fun mini musicals!” student at Northeastern

9. Communication and Storytelling with Susan Picillo

Do you love creative writing? Do you wish you had more time to write for fun and enjoyment, rather than for grades?  Well in this class, your assignments are to write and express yourself, showcase your ideas, and think outside the box.  Finally, you get to use your homework time to relax and write your heart out, learn a new view on storytelling, and become a better writer than you ever thought you could become.

“Absolutely phenomenal class and super energetic professor! Plus you get to tell your own story!” senior at Northeastern University

10. Any of the music ensembles!

If you played in band or orchestra, or sung in chorus, back in high school, don’t give up on your musicality just because college started! Use music as an outlet of stress from classes through playing in one of NEU’s many music ensembles.  On the plus side, these meet once a week and are (usually) free!  You get to play with other talented students and make friends outside of your typical classes that you wouldn’t otherwise meet.  Ranging from Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band to Rock Ensemble and Jazz Choir to World Music Ensemble and Pep Band, you’ll be able to definitely find an ensemble to meet your interests!

“Rock ensemble with Junauro Landgrebe because it’s the best performance experience I’ve been able to get so far (with regard to professionalism/using mics/having a full band behind me and the other vocalists, etc)” – student at NEU


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