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Like every teenage girl, I wanted everything my way. That’s why I bought myself my over-priced marble desktop ‘’essentials.’’ As I placed them on my desk, I thought about my father’s face when he saw what I brought home. I had spent way too much and he knew it right away. What was a quick chuckle by me and a ‘’money doesn’t grow on trees’’ turned into a little memory I’ll keep forever. My parents watched as I spent all day putting my new things in their spot and my ‘’old’’ things in their new home. It hadn’t really set in that they would be leaving me soon and that this little area was my new home away from home.

The First Few days

After a tearful goodbye I hurried to my car and that’s where I really broke down. I felt so alone and without support from my boyfriend. I really couldn’t blame him, he was going through the same thing too. I am too lucky to be going to the same college as him. He really tried to be there for me and I just wasn’t having it. I was homesick after the first day.


If intimidation was the goal, my biology professor definitely has it down. I walk into my first class and there’s over 100 seats. Overwhelmed is an understatement. That was the tallest classroom I had been in, in my entire life. Projected onto the wall was a huge ‘’NO PHONES’’ graphics. When class started I was welcomed with anecdotes of all the times she’s kicked students out for having phones, sleeping, talking, and probably breathing. In addition to that, she threatened to drop students from the course if they don’t keep high enough grades for the first ten days or so.  My other classes somewhat alleviated the pain and emotional trauma left by biology. I just know that class has to be my priority. Don’t get me wrong, NAU is a very lovely place where I comfort in knowing that I am not the only one going through the transition.

Things I wish I knew

There was so many things that caught me by surprise and some things that just came that I had no idea were coming.  My biggest fear was having no friends. This is so far from the truth. As soon as you move in people are knocking on your door to introduce themselves. In my classes, everyone is so friendly and ready to spark up a conversation. It’s as if everyone at NAU is on the same page. I also didn’t expect the professors to be as friendly as they were. (As strict as she is, she is very nice if you talk to her 1 on 1) They understand what we are going through and really treat the students with respect. The best thing that I figured out was that we are indeed given all the tools we need to succeed. There is free tutoring if you need it, SI sessions for further help, the professors even offer help during their office hours. Not to mention the clubs. There are clubs for everything and everyone. It really helps a person feel like they fit in. I know it may sound cliche, but there really is a niche for everyone at NAU.


Jaclyn Bergen

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