1. You’re super out of breath from simple tasks:

Because of the elevation, even just going up the stairs to your dorm isn’t an easy chore. It may be a good idea to remember that the air at NAU is much thinner before going for that run uphill!

2. The cold isn’t THAT bad:

The weather at NAU is pretty nice until about end of October, where it becomes semi-workable. It is easy to tell who is a new freshman and who is a seasoned veteran of the cooler weather.

3. Lotion is your best friend:

If you live at NAU 9 months out of the year its pretty obvious that the chilly air can be pretty drying for your skin… Good thing we have lots of lotion on hand!!

4. You’re a pro at dodging bikes:

Knowing a bike is coming up behind you has become something like a sixth sense. And you also know they are ruthless…It is always a good idea to note that the bikes don’t like to stop much. It is much easier to walk out of the way than it is for them to brake and change path.

6. Bb Learn is your life:

Enough said but… Your life really is centered around Bblearn. It is where all your assignments are found, submitted, and cried over. Literally. I haven’t had a single assignment not submitted through Bblearn. Also, some of your quizzes and tests are given through the platform.

7. No place is too far to walk:

 animated walking walk the beatles abbey road GIF

If you’ve been here more than a week you definitely understand this. EVERYTHING is walking distance, which is nice, until you start to despise walking everywhere. Those afternoon trips to Target get old really quick and walking with all the bags is just not ideal.


Jaclyn Bergen

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