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Everyone worries about the RA as they are moving into their Freshman year of college. College is supposed to be when you are able to be free from control, and the idea that there is someone living so close to you, and making sure you do not break any rules is quite terrifying. Once you move in and meet the RA it ends up being completely different then you expected. While there may be some hardcore RAs out there, but if you are lucky enough to get a cool one then there are for sure some perks.

1. Late Night Talks

Some RAs might stopping by randomly just to talk to you and once this happens for a few times, you’ll form a bond with them. Things are easier to talk about once you are more like friends with them then just one of their residents. If you’re lucky, they become the person you can go to for anything. If you are ever struggling with life you know you can go knock on their doors.

2. Life Advice

Your RA has already experienced most things you are going through, they are not much older than you, and they are willing to help. If you need financial, relationship, or school advice they are there for you. Your RAs are there to help you with whatever is going on.

3. Trips to Starbucks at 11:30

When you have a strong relationship with your RA they become like another friend. Sometimes this means they knock on your door at 11:30 saying that they are also struggling with studying for midterms and are headed to Starbucks if you wanna come with. In case you don’t know this yet, midterm week can be hell so a quick trip to Starbucks is exactly what you need to take your mind off of it. This trip, just like many others was filled with laughter and fun jokes, as well some great boy advice. What else are RAs for?

4. Third-Party Available to Talk to

Another thing your RA is good for is hearing out your suitemate problems. You may get roommates you get along with. But everyone has their flaws, and everyone gets annoyed at some point or another. Sometimes you need to just rant about it with someone, and RAs are great for this. As far as roommate/suitemate problems go– space is encouraged. We all need our alone time and that includes people that we love dearly.


RAs can be great, but you have to sometimes make the move to become close with them and then you are golden!


Callie Joiner

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