About Peer Jacks

The Peer Jacks mentoring program finds successful upperclassmen that can provide a more in-depth connection that helps incoming out-of-state first-year students. They bring a unique approach to providing a memorable college experience. Their main goal is to build a support system for these first-year students that can help ease their transition into college and create a productive freshman year. With Peer Jacks, the students gain a sense of direction and the mentors help to empower the students to achieve their independence while attending Northern Arizona University and complete their degrees.

The Program

Students develop:

a sense of belonging

knowledge and awareness of campus resources and processes

value/goal identification and alignment

purposeful academic monitoring and educational activities

They offer a number of trips and academic workshops for free:”Field Trips”

“Field Trips”


Lava Tubes

Devil’s Bridge

Grand Canyon


Scheduled events for the Fall 2017 semester:

Pizza, Planning, Prizes

Career 101

Academic Essential Skills

Grocery Bingo

Conquering Midterms

Mid-Semester Bounce Back

True Colors Workshop

Research and Writing

Resumé Workshop

Finals Presentation

A Helpful Mentor

You get a one-on-one connection with a student that probably been through what you’ve been through.

There are exclusive events for mentors and mentees.

You get many opportunities to meet other out-of-state freshmen that in the same situation as you.

They provide an expert knowledge of campus and community resources that you now have access to, but may not know about yet.


November Brewer

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