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What a freakin’ bore. There is honestly nothing good about this class, except for the fact that it could possibly be an easy A…. and maybe the movies.


The movies

Whether it is a movie you have already seen, one that you have been meaning to watch, or another that you have never even heard of– the movie list is pretty interesting. Some of these were Die Hard, You’ve Got Mail, Elf, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Class Time

Half of the class every week you can use as time to work on other assignments, because Prof. Torn is just reading off of a PowerPoint that he will post on BBLearn. The second half of the class is spent watching the film that is assigned for the week, which is a nice head start on the homework for that class.pexels-photo-269140.jpeg


The Final Paper

The final paper is the biggest part of the class… and it is SOOO easy. You can pick any topic that you want as long as it incorporates media in some way. This paper is 3000 words (or 2000 if you include a video as well), this may seem a little overwhelming at first, but if you meet the requirements the paper flies by. pexels-photo-313690




He stands there and just reads off of the PowerPoint which is basically copied from our textbook and then he will try to make pop culture references that always fall flat… leaving an awkwardness in the air.pexels-photo-684319.jpeg


Again… Awkward.

Like mentioned above, when Prof. Torn makes a joke it usually is not great and then he gets awkward. He immediately does a weird head bobble thing like the Will Ferrell character from SNLtenor



The way Prof. Torn enters grades can be confusing, because everything is worth one point but he puts it into BBLearn as 1/0… which is just annoying towards the end of the semester when you cannot tell where you are at.Choosing-a-college-major


All and all this class is not bad for a required CMF class. The teacher is not great and the class is boring but you could get by with showing up an hour late.


Callie Joiner

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