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ENG105 is a required class and it honestly is not that bad. You do not learn anything new really because it is just a basic English class, but it does have its ups and downs.



Samantha gives extensions for all of the papers you write, she lets you know this about a week in advance. The reason she does this is because she has too much to grade and gets overwhelmed so she’ll need more time as well.




There are only 5 papers you write and one of them is a group paper. There is another presentation, and then a portfolio. This workload is not a lot, but that does mean that because there is more time there is expected to be better quality.book-address-book-learning-learn-159751.jpeg


Writing Style

You can write in APA or MLA, and if you are unfamiliar with the writing style she is extremely understanding. Payne even suggests to write in the style that you are least familiar with so that you can learn both.





She can get a little cranky and snap unexpectedly. This is probably connected to the fact that she had so many classes back to back and is also easily irritated.

rolling eyes



The class can be boring and you have to go four days a week. However, just like with most classes you can make it fun with the right people. Though sometimes she does just ramble which makes the lass seem pointless.

waking up



DO NOT miss more than 4 classes!!!! Every single absence after that is minus 2%, which does add up. This is a department rule, which means she cannot have any leniency with it.Test Grade


With the workload not being bad and the class not being too extensive this is an all around easy A. However, with the fact that it can be boring, not going might be tempting at times, so just watch out for that and you’ll be fine.


Callie Joiner