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Jobs for College Students at NIU

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Drew Pierce

If you need some extra money in order to have some fun with your friends, you should get a job while at school. This will let you let loose and enjoy your time much more. Here are some great jobs and opportunities for college students at Northern Illinois University!

1. Clerical Employee

The first great on-campus job that you can get is the Clerical Employee position. This is a great job that is very broad and requires you to do a bunch of different things. That being said, this is a pretty competitive position. This means that you should apply as soon as you can. 

some cartoon employees

2. Data Entry

There are also some data entry jobs that are open. These are easy jobs that you can get on campus. This means that this is a pretty low paying job with little room to advance. However, your bosses are really good about being flexible and working with busy schedules. 

a person typing

3. Student Event Coordinator

A more hands-on job that is open right now is the Student Event Coordinator position. This is a much better paying job that you can get. You will work anywhere from 15-25 hours every single week. Be sure to keep this great position in mind whenever you are looking to get a nice job at school. 

An NIU event

4. English Tutor

If you are good at English, you should consider being an English Tutor. You will work with your peers who struggle with grammar and writing. In turn, you will also learn a lot along the way. This is a moderate paying job that is good for any busy schedule. That is a perk for you to keep in mind. 

terms relating to english

5. Career Peer Advisor

Another good desk job is the Career Peer Advisor position. This is a great job that allows you to work with other students and help them get the jobs they need after graduation. The only requirement is that you are a junior or a senior. This ensures that you know how to land a good job for yourself and your peers. 

A graphic of career

6. Art Model

The final on-campus job that you should look at is being an Art model. This is a kind of freelancing job that lets you work as much or as little as you want to. This is also a pretty good paying job. Most of the jobs only require you to stand there. This is one of the easiest jobs that you can get on campus. 

an example of an art model

7. OneClass

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

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