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Math Courses at Northwestern University

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Ally Zukowski
18 Jul 2020
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Northwestern University is a great college choice for students to build up their resume for society. Many notable people attended the university in order to gain successful networking such as 'Friends' actor David Schwimmer and and Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the hit show 'Seinfeld'. When students aren't rooting for their favorite BIG10 sports team, they are busy earning their degree by taking many courses they find interesting. Northwestern University provides many courses such as math and sciences courses to help students become successful. Here are 10 math courses students can take at Northwestern University.

1. MATH 100-0: Quantitative Reasoning

A colorful pie chart categorizing different genres of movies.

in 1 credit course, Professor Cañez introduces students to analyzing topical, real-life problems from a quantitative perspective. Students will develop facility with basic algebra, probability, and statistics. Topics will all relate to solving multistep problems.

2. MATH 104-0: Introduction to Game Theory

A game theory achievement symbol.

This course introduces the mathematical theory of strategic competition. Topics include optimal strategies, equilibria, the prisoner's dilemma and many more. Students apply these principles to economics and political science. For this 1 credit course, students will need a minimal mathematical background and no record of taking a 200-level MATH course or higher.

3. MATH 202-0: Finite Mathematics

A mathematical finite problem written with black ink and red marks that cross out similar numbers.

This 1 credit course is taught by professor Seabury. Topics include elementary linear algebra and its applications. Students will focus on specific subjects of finite probability and elementary statistics during this course.

4. MATH 230-2: Multivariable Integral Calculus  

An integral equation that creates an image on a 'XYZ' graph.

This 1 credit course introduces multiple integration. Topics include double integrals, triple integrals, and the change of variables theorem. Students will learn different theorems, such as Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, and the divergence theorem. The course is taught by Professor Walker. Prerequisite courses for this class include MATH 230-0 or MATH 230-1 or MATH 281-1 or MATH 285-2 or MATH 290-2 or MATH 291-2or ES_APPM 252-1.

5. MATH 240-0: Linear Algebra

A list of many simple multiplication problems with answers written in black pen.

Elementary linear algebra introduces systems of linear equations. Topics include matrix algebra, subspaces, determinants, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and orthogonality. Professor Andrea Heyman teaches this 1 credit course. Prerequisites for this course include MATH 230-0 or MATH 281-1 or ES_APPM 252-1.

6. MATH 308-0: Graph Theory

Four different types of colorful graphs: Barograph, Histogram, Line Graph, and Pie Chart.

This 1 credit course introduces students to graph theory. Students will work with different problems including graphs, trees, matching, planar graphs, and coloring. The professor for the course is Professor Kotov. Prerequisites for this course include MATH 291-1 or MATH 300-0 or MATH 306-0.

7. MATH 310-1: Probability and Stochastic Processes

6 rolling die trying to determine the probability of rolling the number 7 with a chance of zero percent.

This course is 1 credit. Professor Porod introduces conditional probability and independence. Topics include random variables, joint distributions, expectation, and limit theorems. the weak law of large numbers and the central limit theorem. Prerequisites include MATH 228-2 or MATH 230-2 or MATH 234-0,or MATH 281-2 or MATH 285-3 or MATH 290-3 or MATH 291-3 or ES_APPM 252-2.

8. MATH 320-2: Real Analysis

A function equation demonstrating real analysis with properties.

This 1 credit course introduces the analysis on the real line. Topics include the Riemann integral and sequences and series of functions. Students should have prerequisite of  MATH 320-1 or MATH 321-1. Professor Kornfeld will teach the course.

9. MATH 336-1: Introduction to the Theory of Numbers

A list of prime numbers coming out of a mathematician's blue hat.

This is a 1 credit course. It introduces students to divisibility and prime numbers. Topics taught by Professor Zhang include congruences, quadratic reciprocity, and diophantine equations. Students should have prerequisite of MATH 228-1 or MATH 230-1 or MATH 281-1 or MATH 285-2 or MATH 290-2 or MATH 291-2 or ES_APPM 252-1 in order to take this course.

10. MATH 344-2: Introduction to Topology

A diagram of different network topology linked together with various shapes.

This course teaches the topological spaces, continuity, connectedness, compactness, countability and separation axioms. Professor Kushnirsky teaches this 1 credit course. Students will focus on learning the fundamental group and classification of covering spaces. Prerequisites include MATH 344-1, and either MATH 330-1 or MATH 331-1.

Many more math courses are offered to students who want to pursue in mathematics careers. Along with math, students are opened to many courses at Northwestern University of their interest that will also help them earn their degrees. Many notable alumni have walked the campus and have worn their school pride on their shoulders. These courses have made alumni who they are today with their successful career and new gained knowledge.


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