College can be an exciting time where you’ll meet a lot of people. Some will say college is where you meet some of the best friends you’ll ever have, and maybe even your significant other. However, college – like any place with a large population – is sure to also have annoying people scattered throughout it. Though my overall experience at Northwestern has been a positive one, there are particular types of people I’ve found at the University that test my patience. 

1. The Super Liberal

This is the most common – and perhaps most frustrating – type of annoying person at Northwestern University. First of all, ideologically, I disagree with them on many points. Also, it drives me crazy how they talk about it. All. The. Time. Trying to get some homework done in the lounge? Get ready for a speech about feminism. Trying to socialize and talk about weekend plans? The “black lives matter” movement is sure to somehow come up. 

2. The Political Facebooker

This is oftentimes the same as the super liberal. Facebook is for people to keep in touch with family and friends and to find out about events happening in your area. If you really feel the need to put your political identity somewhere on your profile, then go ahead. But when the majority of your news feed is about Bernie Sanders, I am going to unfollow you. The worst is when they post articles that are objectively incorrect. My mind immediately goes to criticisms of the movie “American Sniper” where people – who did not even watch the movie – were sharing articles criticizing certain scenes in the movie that never even happened. 

3. The Super Religious/Self-Righteous

Overall demographics show that our age and education level demographics tend to represent liberal/progressive people. Especially socially. However, you’re sure to meet at least one or two people like this on campus, there are some exceptions. This person will judge every decision you make and think he or she is better than you because of his or her religion. Everyone makes poor decisions, and you don’t need some close-minded, uptight person judging you for the rest of your four years together. And, of course, they are sure to judge you for things that aren’t even bad, maybe because they’ve never had any fun themselves. Don’t criticize my relationship when you’ve never been in one yourself. 

4. The Moral Relativists

In other words, what is more or less wrong with the world. For those of you who have yet to take an ethics course – my high school had a junior year requirement – a moral relativist is someone who, as the name suggests, sees morality as being relative. MEANING, people have different conceptions about good vs. evil and that’s okay, we need to respect the opinions of all. This becomes a problem when people start condoning others’ immoral beliefs, usually in defense of their culture or religion. Hating someone because they’re from a different country is usually not very nice, but being angry with those who circumcise women and torture American soldiers is rather normal.

5. The Overcommitted Busy Bee

Sure getting involved on campus is a positive, but some people take it to the extreme. Especially for someone like me who is more chill and wants casual time, I view those who work three jobs, serve on two exec boards, are involved in four other clubs, and take the maximum amount of classes allowed as aliens. It’s not healthy! And when you brag about it, it doesn’t make me think you’re cool, it makes me think you are strange. Misguided. In need of help. 

6. The student who asks too many questions in class

I get it, some topics come more easily to some people rather than others. And yes, in higher education you should be exploring topics in more depth. But, do you really need to ask the professor a few questions? Every class. Especially when it’s a big class and most people don’t talk even once a week. Allow me to introduce you to this concept called “office hours.” Maybe it’s genuine academic inquiry. But what’s most annoying is when the student is obviously trying to suck up to the professor who clearly is equally as annoyed as everyone else in the class but can’t say so out loud.

7. The Stoner

Not only does this person love to smoke weed, this person loves to talk about smoking weed. Somehow he or she manages to slip it into every conversation you have, and always in an overly positive light. To them, marijuana is a holy substance and they are the coolest person in the world for smoking it. Personally, I’m rather against weed. So that probably adds to my annoyance against this type of person. But I highly doubt other people want to hear about it all the time either. T

8. The hook-up enthusiast

Probably more so than weed, or at least up there, I am rather against hooking up. And similarly to the stoner person, this type of individual prides himself or herself on an activity that should be criticized. And, though I know some people enjoy being single – I will never understand this – I find it strange when people act like they’re allergic to committed relationships.

9. The person you don’t like who everyone else does

Difficult people can be, well, difficult. But sometimes there is a sense of satisfaction when you and everyone around you can complain together: “Our professor is so unhelpful when you ask him questions,” “That one girl always glares at me when I say hi to her,” “That guy in our class always starts arguments for no reason,” etc. The worst is when you can’t stand somebody and nobody else can understand why. You try to express your negative sentiments, but everyone else responds with positive ones. Which makes you annoyed with you friends for not realizing how terrible this person is, but really it makes you most frustrated with said person because you feel alone in your mortal combat against them.

10. The unlikeable social person

Some people are very social, which is usually a good thing, except that social doesn’t always mean friendly. So let’s say there’s someone on your floor who’s not very nice and all you want to do is avoid him or her. Usually that’s not a problem, because rude people tend to keep to themselves. However, you’ll get the rare occasion where that one person – let’s stick with example of someone who lives on your floor – who always seems to be around. You’re walking down the hall and they try to have a conversation with you. Or you’re in the lounge with other people and they’re there trying to stir up controversy. It’s like my mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”


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