Tired of sitting through another boring lecture? Tell your administrators to add some of these classes for the upcoming quarter/semester!

  1. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

This course is offered at Michigan State University and is a must take for any fan of The Walking Dead. Where else can you learn to avoid walkers and become the next Daryl Dixon?

2. How to Stage a Revolution

This course is offered at MIT and is perfect for the future revolutionaries of the world. Hopefully your revolutions lead to prosperity and not dictatorship!

3. Tree Climbing

Offered at Cornell University, tree climbing is the perfect class to bring the little kid out of you. Just don’t fall.

4. Game of Thrones

Offered at the University of Virginia, this course brings you into the world of Ice and Fire. If you are anything like me, this class would be a great G.P.A. booster.

5. Selfieclass

Offered at the University of Southern California, this is the perfect class to get your likes up on Instagram or maybe a few more right swipes on Tinder.

7. The Politics and Policy of HBO’s “The Wire” 

Already watched The Wire all the way through multiple times? Well now you can consider your binge-watching as time well spent! So long as you go to Boston College.

8. A Cultural History of Japanese Monsters

If you go to Columbia University, you should definitely check out this course. Especially if you like awfully dubbed English versions of good Japanese movies.

9. Demystifying the Hipster

Tufts University is finally attempting one of the most important Psychological questions of our generation: What is going on in the mind of the hipster?

10. Pet Apparel, Fashion, and Design

The Fashion Institute of Technology is the place to go to finally make the perfect line of seasonal sweaters for your beloved pooch.

11. Plant Sex

Insights Into the Birds and Bees… and Buttercups and Bleeding Hearts

Don’t act like you aren’t at least a little bit curious. Don’t let your Harvard Education go to waste by not taking this course!

Don’t let your college career go to waste! Get a petition started to get these classes added to your school’s curriculum!


Snigdha Jayavarapu

Snigdha Jayavarapu is a second-year Human Bio and Society major at UCLA. She enjoys writing, dancing and being an RA. She's also a henna artist and loves junk food!

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