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Moving in with people you don’t even know can be a little scary. Unless you already know your roommate(s) you are going to have to try to make friends with them. You will have no idea what these people are going to be like. Even if you know the person(s), you are going to have to learn how to live with them/how they live.

Dorm rooms can be super tiny sometimes. You have to learn how to share the little space you have. You have to respect the other person(s) space and they have to do the same. You cannot use their stuff without asking unless they say it is okay.

When you move in, you’ll have to talk about rules for each other’s space. You need to talk about who will buy what and/or take turns buying toiletries and necessities. You will need to discuss rules about visitors and overnight guests.

You will need to be very respectful to your roommate(s) when they are studying or sleeping. If you have a small dorm, I would recommend a desk lamp so if you are up all night doing homework you can let the other person sleep. If you can go to a study room or a library, I would advise doing something like that. If they are trying to sleep do not be blasting the tv or your music, or be up talking on the phone all night.

They should also be respectful of you as well. Which is the reason why you should have rules and schedules on who does what when. (cleaning, shopping, etc.) If you and your roommates are not respectful of each other, you will not get along and you will end up fighting all the time. If you do not get along it is going to make your college experience not so fun.

Hopefully, you and your roommate(s) will get along well and become good friends. Lots of students end up being best friends or they end up hating each other. This is okay because you will meet so many new people and friends in college. You guys may end up being very different or the exact same. Do not be mean to them or talk about them to your friends if you do not get along with them.

I would advise to hang out with them and invite each other to activities you are doing so you will get to know each other better. You are going to learn so much about your roommates after living with them. If you do have a serious issue with your roommates then I suggest talking to your CA or RA and figure something out. I would also try to switch rooms and stay with someone else if possible.


Gina Emricko

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