One of the most common things freshman tell me is that they want to become more involved on campus. These same students however typically become too overwhelmed and so don’t put themselves out there. Therefore I have listed a few ideas that you can use to become more involved on your campus!

Join Clubs

Your first option is to join a club or organization. Between hockey club, pre-med club, or Spanish club, there’s certainly a club out there for you!

Attend Community Service Events on Campus

A second option is attending community services events. The options for community service are really endless. You can tutor children, plant trees, or even help at your local humane society. There are plenty of options out there for everyone. This is a great way to give back to your community, make some new friends, and even add to your resume.

Go Greek

A third option is going Greek. Going Greek has endless opportunities for you to become more involved. From community service events to philanthropies, in addition, to pack the house, or even clean the streets, you will be actively involved on campus.

Get a Job on Campus

A fourth option is getting a job on campus. Working on campus, you’ll get to meet and work with faculty and fellow students. This gives you the opportunity to apply yourself to things going on around campus.

Attend Campus Events

My final idea is simply attending events on campus. So between sports games or concerts, there are tons of options. These events are typically free to students and therefore a ton of fun!

In conclusion, there are endless options for you to become more engaged and involved on your campus. Put yourself out there, meet new people and enjoy being in college!


Brooke Patterson

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