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You know that feeling when you’ve left the house and you’re positive that you forgot something? Yeah, at college when you’re miles from home that’s not a great feeling. Here are a few things that I wish I had thought to bring to school!

1. Vacuum

A dust buster will not be enough to pick up all the hair on your carpet. I cannot emphasize how much hair there will be. Invest in a small vacuum from Bed Bath and Beyond.

2. Emergen-C

Living in a dorm is like living in a petri dish- when one person gets sick the entire floor will get sick. You can’t always escape getting sick, but having an abundance of Emergen-C is one effort that you can make! Nothing is worse than being sick at school.

3. Plastic cups

I know plastic is bad for the environment, but invest in some plastic cups to bring to school. I guarantee if you use a regular cup it will sit on your desk and grow mold until you’re so grossed out that you just throw it out anyways. To be environmentally friendly just limit the number of cups you decide to use!

4. Fabreeze

No matter what you do your room will probably smell, that’s just what happens when you’re living in a dorm. To battle the stench, bring Fabreeze, it helps more than you think.

5. Printer

Even though the library has printers that you can pay for you will never want to get up to go and print them. If you need to print something last minute before class or it’s too cold outside to walk it is so much easier to have one in your room. Make the investment, it is well worth it!

6. Halloween costume stuff

Before you know it, Halloween will be here or there will be some costume themed event and it’s best to have some random props on hand to be ready!

7. Frat shoes

There is nothing more disgusting than the floor of a fraternity house basement. No matter what you do, your shoes will be covered in dirt and grime. Make sure you don’t wear your brand new white converse out or at least bring bleach and Scotchgard! No one will notice your feet too much anyways. Wear your cute shoes for pictures then put on your trusty converse.  

8. Frackets

A couple of weeks into the semester the nights start to get colder. Unless you have several Uniqlo or North Face winter jackets at your disposal so NOT wear your jacket to a party. Save those ratty old sweatshirts that have been sitting in your closet for years to serve as your fracket! Wear it out and leave it somewhere, you’re warm on the way there and if it happens not to be there at the end of the night no harm done!

9. Speaker

There will be plenty of times where you can hear a pin drop in your room, fill that space with music! Invest in a speaker to have on while you clean, study, shower, and to blast during a pregame! The music makes the party!

10. Strobe lights

Christmas lights are cool but strobe lights are cooler. At night turn off the lights and turn on the machine and watch the colors fly. It also looks awesome from the outside, everyone will know where the party is.

11. Superglue and duct tape

College students don’t know much about how to fix real world problems, but they do know how to use superglue and duct tape. When your necklace breaks or sunglasses snap in half and you’re too poor to replace them, superglue and duct tape are always there to lend a helping hand.

12. Iron

You may think you’ll never use an ironing board at school, but every so often an event will come about where you need to look presentable and the only nice shirts you brought are wrinkled. Have a small iron on hand to smooth out those creases. This will come in handy especially for business majors, as dressing business casual/professional is required!


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