1. Google, google, google

It’s your best bet when it comes to finding opportunities. Look up your favorite companies and see if they offer an interesting internships or openings. While you’re at it make a account, which will inform you of any internships relating to the federal sector.

2. Make a LinkedIn profile

While it may be annoying updating your education and activities, making a LinkedIn profile allows you to connect to people working in the area that you are interested in and they often have job openings that you can check out.

3. …. now stalk your classmates’ profiles

As weird as this sounds, if you check out your friends’ LinkedIn profiles, then you might find something that will perk you interest. Check out upper classmen’s profiles because they usually have the most experience and the website allows you to message them too.

4. Talk to professors

Many of these professors have connections on the Hill or know places that are interested in having internship opportunities. Even if the professor doesn’t know of any places that hire freshman interns, take the time to develop your relationship with the professor so that he/she can serve as a great reference in the future.

5. Check out any job positions available on campus

Sometimes these job positions are research positions for professors on campus. Check out those positions and those professors. You may not be interested in working for that professor but if the professor works in your area of interest then it may be worthwhile to reach out.

6. Talk to upperclassmen

Besides Google, upperclassmen are also an extremely helpful tool when it comes to finding internships and opportunities. They themselves have gone through same process as freshmen and can offer both advice and point you in the right direction.

7. Ask parents/neighbors/friends

Your parents often know people who work in your field or can give you advice when you feel stuck. Reach out to your neighbors to see if they know anybody or anything that you can apply to. If one of your friends’ internships sounds interesting, then don’t be afraid to reach out to that friend.

8. Create your own business

If all else fails, then create your own business! Many students have their own SAT and college tutoring, so if that is what you’re interested in then create your own tutoring company. Or you can make your own merchandising company or whatever peaks your interest.

9. Work instead of finding an internship

Making some money over the break is also another great idea if you can’t find an internship. You can save this money or use it to fund a project that you’ve been thinking about. Either way, having some extra money is always a good idea.

10. If all else fails, then spend the summer having fun and making memories

Your summer after your first-year in college may very well be your last free summer before you spend them working in a cubicle. Take the time to reconnect with old friends or family members and for yourself.


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