Throughout college, we encounter a plethora of people, whether or not we anticipate doing so. Some may stay in our lives forever while others are introduced solely to teach us a lesson about life or ourselves. Regardless of who they may be, there are certain types of people you should try having in your life, as they will enrich and enhance it in ways that other people are unable to do so.

1. The scholar

This person seems to have life completely figured out. No matter what problems you may encounter in life, you always find yourself going to them for advice, and they will always have an answer. Involving this person in your life will sharpen your mind and inspire you to obtain the wisdom that they possess.

2. The backstabber

This person is someone you will pour your heart and soul into, only to have them turn on you when you least expect it. Whether it be a best friend or significant other, this person will hurt you in a way that will allow you to grow stronger and more cautious while opening yourself up and being vulnerable.

3. The realist

This person is someone who is going to slap you in the face with reality checks, especially when you don’t want to hear it. They’re going to help you put your life in perspective and guide you in the right direction, instead of you having to live life in a falsified reality that has no hope, direction, or future. Their blunt attitude towards life is going to keep you on track and get you closer to your goals and ultimate happiness.

4. The go-getter

This person has their life together in every single aspect. They know exactly what they want out of life and how they’re going to get there. There is not a single obstacle in life that will stop them from achieving their dreams. Seeing their ambition and drive for success is going to inspire you and push you towards meeting and surpassing all your goals.

5. The giver

This person has dedicated their entire life to giving and taking care of others. No matter how many times they’ve been hurt or wronged, they will continue to give and care limitlessly. They are some of the most humble people in this world, and including them in your life will teach you to give more of yourself and become more empathetic to the world.

6. The helper

This person is always going to be there for you, especially in the darkest of times. They are your ride-or-die and will drop anything and everything for you once they find out you are in need of their help, regardless of whatever they may be going through in life. Being around this person will help you understand the importance of mutual support and will drive you to be more aware of those around you that need your help in their lives.

7. This risk-taker

This person doesn’t know how to live life without taking risks in their relationships or career. They put everything on the line, which at times, may not directly work out in their favor. But these people are fearless; they are brave and bold, and their decisions will motivate you to want to venture out into the unknown, because some of the best things in life require high levels of risk.

8. The optimist

This person can never seem to be let down by life’s tragedies. They always put a positive spin on whatever situation they may encounter, and while their blind optimism may seem irritating and unjustified, you’ll be inspired to look at the bright side of every situation and live with hope that everything will work out in your favor.

9. The manipulator

This person is going to use you in ways you never ever thought you’d be used in before. They have a vested interest in meeting you, and once they’ve used to you achieve a certain agenda, you’ll essentially become nothing to them. While it is so terribly heartbreaking to have been a pawn in their grand scheme, you’ll learn to be more cautious and realize that you are stronger than you’ve ever imagined.

10. The complainer

This person is never happy or satisfied with their life, no matter what they achieve. Nothing is ever good enough or worthy of their standards and expectations, and all they ever do is complain. While being in their company is not necessarily a good thing, it helps you reflect on your life and appreciate everything that you have, both good and bad.

College is a time that facilitates great levels of growth, both internally and externally. You spend four years trying to create yourself and shape yourself into the person you wish to become. Much of this growth comes from encountering different types of people in different situations, that are ultimately meant to teach you a significant lesson about life or yourself. With that being said, how many of these people do you have in your life?


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