Reject ding

You’re not human if you haven’t faced rejection in some form. We all go through it, in almost every facet of life, including colleges, relationships, and jobs. There are two ways we can deal with rejection: we can remain dejected and let it dictate our future or we can learn from it and bounce back stronger than ever. I am a strong advocate of learning and growing from rejection, and today I plan on showing you how to do so.

1. The first step is fully acknowledging the very fact that you got rejected. It sucks. It hurts, it’s confusing, and sometimes, it flatout doesn’t make sense. Whether it be someone that broke your heart, getting deferred or denied from a college of your choice, or getting turned down from a job or internship you had your heart set on, rejection is absolutely and completely demoralizing. However, once you have accepted this fact, you are on the way to recovery.

2. The next step is to stop letting your rejections define you. Getting rejected does not make you any less of a person nor does it mean you do not amount to much. If anything, rejection makes you more human and helps you understand how much you’re truly worth. Do not ever place your self-worth in the hands of something you have no control of. We, as humans, have an incredibly poor habit of doing so, and much of our unhappiness stems from the sole fact that we allow external variables to dictate who we believe we are and what we are worth. Upon realizing and understanding this fallacy, we provide ourselves with a completely refreshed mindset and outlook on life. A majority of the negativity experienced when facing rejection is automatically eliminated, and now you are a step closer towards achieving your life goals.

3. The following step is to not think much of the rejection. I know, easier said than done. Initially, it is going to hurt. A lot. Give yourself that time to cope and process what happened. It is okay to be upset. It is okay to cry. We all need it in order to progress forward with our lives. Once we have done so, we must realize that we cannot depend entirely on this one failure. For every door closed is another door opened, full of new chances and opportunities redeem ourselves, chances and opportunities that, in fact, might be an even better fit for us than before.

4. Finally, you must train yourself to get good at handling rejection. It is not a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Like I said, rejection is present in almost every facet of life throughout our entire lifetime. We need to be able to bounce back stronger every time. Think of it this way, getting rejected means we’re proactive; we’re putting ourselves out there and taking risks. We are doing something. Life and experience are undoubtedly the greatest teachers out there. Without experiencing rejection, we wouldn’t learn half the things we know now. We wouldn’t be able to grow. By putting yourself out there and risking rejection, you challenge yourself. You are allowing yourself to continue living life whilst facing the fact that you are not chosen. This makes you stronger. This makes you better. This makes you, you.

Once you start to believe in yourself and your abilities, sky is the limit. Keep putting your best foot forward and keep pushing through. You got this!


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