We all know that kids go crazy during their college years, and do some pretty dumb stuff. Whether it be getting too drunk or even renting out your dormitory room to nonresidents of the school, all being illegal. Who knows what goes through most college students heads, thinking that doing the illegal stuff is the best way to live their college life. Here are just a few illegal things that college students do on a day to day basis.

1. Drinking

We all know that it’s basically impossible for students to get through college without touching alcohol. Not only is it illegal to drink under age, it is known to be very illegal for any student to drink (underage or overage) on campus property, including in the dorms, apartments, and anywhere on legal property. Of course, college students ignore this law and continue to shotgun countless beers on the roof of their buildings or even killing alcohol bottles on Taco Tuesday using that “holiday” as an excuse to get wasted on a weekday. One thing people are unsure of is that, it’s not illegal to drink off campus (if you’re over 21), but if the school has proof of a student drinking alcohol and getting too drunk, they have the right to suspend and even expel that student if they feel that they’re posing a bad reputation for the school they’re enrolled in. Consequences by the college happen to get even worse once the age of the student decreases from the legal age of drinking ranging from suspension to expulsion to banishment. Of course parties and tailgates exist, so college students tend to ignore the law and continue to get belligerent drunk in order to have a good time!

2. Smoking

420; Blaze it. Of course, this law is known by all, including college students because at most universities, they promote being smoke-free, meaning there be no smoking of any kind (vaping, cigarettes, marijuana) all over campus property, including by classes, cafeterias, dormitories, etc. Of course the stoners of the school choose to smoke anyways, especially in their dormitory rooms, where smoking is never permitted as it is against Housing Regulations and the law. These stoners place hats over the smoke alarms and stuff towels by the door, although no matter what they do, the pungent smell of weed flounders throughout the dorm halls. In some states marijuana is legal (over the age of 21; unless possessing a marijuana card), however all colleges are against any form of smoking, especially cannabis as it impairs the student’s overall body functionality. So to cut the story short, students continue to vape around campus, smoke cigarettes in smoke-free zones, and smoke weed in their dorm rooms, no matter the fact that it’s illegal and causes extreme consequences, such as being kicked out of your housing agreement, suspension, and expulsion. In other words, PSA to all college stoners, be smart and smoke off campus!

3. Cheating

No matter what the situation or scene is, cheating is never allowed, whether the cheating be on exams, quizzes, notes, homework, and daily life activities. All schools, colleges, universities, and generally in life, cheating of any kind is illegal and not permitted. Schools take cheating and academic integrity very seriously, and doing the crime comes with very serious consequences, including immediate failings, suspension, and expulsion. Cheating isn’t necessarily against the law, however it is extremely frowned upon and against “school laws”. To get to the point, cheating will get you nowhere. Yes, it may be the easier way out, but you do not learn anything from it, and it can only get you in trouble in the end. In other words, DON’T DO IT!

4. Stealing School Property

It’s obvious that stealing in general is illegal, no matter how small or how large the crime of stealing might be. Although it’s a well known fact that stealing is wrong and against the law, many college students commit this crime constantly throughout their college years. It is very common that college students steal school supplies and books from the bookstore, or food from the cafeteria, and a ton of different things from college property. Some examples of college property that are commonly stolen from students are dormitory decor, food, electronics, bikes and textbooks/ school supplies. It may not be a huge deal to steal food from the cafeteria because, come on, struggling college students need to eat! But stealing college property and just other things in general is against the law, and should never be committed.

5. Inappropriate Posts on Social Media

A lot of people, especially students in college, don’t realize how important it is to keep their social media monitored and clean from anything that could get them in trouble. Many students post Snapchats, instagram pictures and videos, texts, and much more of them or others doing illegal activities. Including drinking (underage), smoking, stealing, and other crazy things that if the college were to ever discover and see, could decide to expel that(ose) students involved in the illegal activities. Nowadays, most to all college students continue to post videos and pictures of them getting completely wasted and/or high and don’t care who sees because a lot of people could care less on what they do or post. However, one screenshot could ruin a college student’s life, so it’s highly recommended to be careful on what you post or what other people post of you as it may end your college/school career instantly.

6. Drugs

Ahh… d-d-d-drugs. The most commonly used item from college students right smack behind alcohol. Many students use and abuse drugs throughout their college years due to “stress-relieving”, pleasure, accidental, and peer pressure. Most used drug has to be marijuana, however a few other used drugs are cocaine, molly, ecstasy, adderall, acid and many others. Of course everyone knows that drugs are illegal, but tend to use them anyways, and the question is… why? Who knows, students happen to think that college is the time to try new things, or everything, in other words #yolo. But drugs are illegal, and if you get caught using them, especially on campus, it could lead to major consequences, beyond expulsion. Drugs are bad, school is good. Don’t do drugs kids.

7. Drunk Driving

Three words, DON’T DO IT. No matter the situation, nothing is ever worth driving intoxicated, whether it be from alcohol or drugs. Uber and Lyft are now college students best friends as it takes all the drunk college students from home to party and back home, so they don’t have to worry about who’s going to DD and who’s not. Driving intoxicated is extremely dumb, and against the law. Sad thing is, college students do it all the time, but the upcoming of Uber and Lyft has definitely decreased the amount of drunk driving due to its very own existence. ALthough it costs money, it’s completely worth it as it is a million times better than hurting yourself or anyone else. Don’t break the law and put yourself and other people in danger by drinking and driving intoxicated. Instead, pay the price and use a taxi service to get you back safely. #itsworthit

8. Trespassing

One word, ILLEGAL. If the property is not owned by yourself or the people you are with, and you follow through the property without owner’s’ permission, it is considered to be trespassing, and that is illegal. Although many people are educated with this general knowledge, people still do it anyways, including college students. Common places college students like to trespass in are school buildings, rooftops, school pools, and much more. Yeah, you read correctly. POOLS. It is very common for students in college to sneak into the pools and swimmers jacuzzi’s at night time, and run away once campus security comes. Even though trespassing gives that adrenaline rush to those committing it, it is against the law and if you are caught by police, you can be arrested.

9. Hazing

Frats, Sororities, friend groups, clubs, etc. are all known for committing bullying and hazing to those wanting to join their group, and is a critical common thing done by and to college students. Hazing is mostly done in fraternities and sororities to those pledging to be apart of the association, and the reason why it is illegal is because, hazing can get so bad to the point where those victimized can end up dead. Hazing is extremely common (mostly in frats), and some examples may be having the pledges finish two bottles of alcohol taped to their hands by the end of the night, or even filling up buckets of their own throw up by drinking. Hazing is extremely dangerous and should never be done due to preserve college students health and lives, and if you get caught hazing another person/ college student, the consequences are high and endless (beyond suspension or expulsion. Nothing is more important than your own life, so don’t risk it to be apart of something!

10. Allowing people to rent your room

This may shock you, but it is very true. Some college students actually rent out their dorm rooms to nonresidents of the school that they attend for some quick cash. Astonishing, right? Of course, it is against all housing regulations and illegal for a college student to rent out their room to a nonresident or nonstudent of the school to get money because those rooms are owned by the school and not the one who’s renting it out. Doing this could lead to the college student being kicked out of the housing and maybe even kicked out of the school. Another illegal activity related to renting out your dorm room that college students do, is allowing other non-students to use their on campus and school benefits. For example, using their meals, or benefits at the recreation center, and much more. It is against the law for someone to use your identity for benefits of the school, including recreation services, food, and housing. Make your life easier students, #getajob.


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