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College is great and definitely an amazing, unforgettable experience. For a lot of people, it’s the best four years of their lives, but it doesn’t come without its pains. Here are a few issues that you might come across.

1. Small Talk

Especially during freshman year, small talk is part of your daily routine. You’ll probably have the same conversation about your whole backstory at least five times a day. For some people, this is their worst nightmare, but it’s one of the biggest parts of college: making new friends and creating lasting connections.

2. Textbook Fees

Need I say more? Textbook fees are ridiculously high, especially since you only use them for one semester. Then you have to try and sell them for half the price and hope that someone takes you up on the offer. Not to mention the struggle of finding a decently priced textbook in time for your classes.

3. Dining Hall Food

Sometimes dining hall can be nice, but a lot of times it’s fattening and stale. It’s nothing like homemade cooking either. There’s also the risk of gaining the Freshman 15 your first year instead of losing it. Also, since it’s usually kids working the dining halls, it closes really early so if you need late night food you have to buy it yourself.

4. Sharing Bathrooms

For people who’ve grown up with their own bathroom or who are shy using public restrooms, dorm bathrooms are a nightmare. There’s waiting for the toilet and the shower, finding hair and/or other nasty surprises in the stalls, and having little to no privacy. Also, you have to work your schedule around the janitor’s cleaning times so that you’re not stuck needing a shower with nowhere to go.

5. Exam Season

Exam Season is STRESSFUL AF. Not only is a huge portion of your grade dependent on midterms and finals, but you also don’t get any sleep, are nearly always studying, and are pretty much on edge for a month. Your friends are also all wired up so things can get pretty heated. The library spots are always taken and the lines for coffee are insane.

6. Campus Tours

Seeing herds of parents and high schoolers storming your campus in herds is not ideal. Especially when you find them literally everywhere. They also tend to stare at you when you’re trying to get through your day. Someone will always stop you for directions, the dining halls are full of adults and small children, and the traffic is atrocious.

7. Having No Money EVER

As a college student, even with a part-time job, money always is just out of reach. You’re always scraping for those few extra dollars, just so you can go enjoy yourself with your friends or buy some stationary for class. There’s also that huge mountain of debt you’re incurring just from being at school, but a lot of people try not to think about that just yet.

8. Crazy Sleep Schedule (if you get to sleep at all)

So basically, the life of a college student goes like this: you’re up all night, you struggle not to fall asleep in class, and you master the art of power napping anywhere, anytime that you can. It gets even worse during Exam Season. Get used to going days without a proper night’s rest. You’re young! It’s not going to kill you…probably.

9. No Pets Allowed

Sure, you miss the family and friends you had to leave behind, but the hardest part is leaving behind your pets and not being able to keep any animals in the dorm except fish (if you’re lucky). You can try your best to sneak in hedgehogs and hamsters, but it almost never works (unless you’ve somehow convinced your RA to be on your side).

10. Useless General Education Courses

GenEds can be fun, but a lot of times you have to take courses which you have no interest in and which don’t bring value to your major at all. Even then, you have to suck it up, buy the course material, and pray you don’t get a grade that’s going to bring down your entire GPA. Try to pick your classes early so that you don’t get stuck with a dud that nobody else wanted.


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