College is quite literally a roller coaster full of ups and downs, but trust me when I say that keeping an open mind is the key to success.

1. You will be good friends with your roommates.

Often, your dorm in college will be so small that you won’t even really be spending time in it. While you may interact with your roommate often, they usually do not become your best friends. However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing- often friends do not make good roommates!

2. You will stick with your major.

Just as many, if not more, students switch their major as keep their major. Especially with the pre-major system at many large universities, you never know if you will like or be accepted into your major. Be open to change!

3. Dating becomes easier.

Yes, the pool is bigger, but this only makes it that much more complicated. You will probably not meet your honey boo instantly, so make sure you give relationships time (you will have a lot of other things to adjust to anyway) and don’t rush into dating.

4. You will keep in touch with all of your high school friends.

I cannot emphasize this enough- try. Try to keep in touch with your friends at home as they are very important. You may not succeed, but you will definitely regret not trying.

5. You can get away with slacking off on your work.

By this I mean avoiding studying, since that can severely impact your grades as well. In college, unlike high school, it is highly unlikely that late or missing assignments will be accepted. Stay on top of your grades!

6. Your spending habits will not change.

Whatever money your parents give you (if they can give you anything) will not last very long, especially if you are in a college town or city. You will spend significantly more, especially since your parents are not around to restrict you. Prepare to get a job or work during the summer!

7. You will get the same grades.

Very few students end up with the same GPA they did in high school. Factors that contribute to this include adjustment, increased difficulty of schoolwork, and decreased restrictions on social life. Keep your expectations high, but not ridiculously high.

8. You will not be homesick.

While you may be very excited to leave home, homesickness is something that affects almost everyone. Whether its for the people or the comforts of home, change always creates longing.

9. Your college will be the perfect fit.

There will be things you love and there will be things you hate. College isn’t for everyone, but can be completed by almost anyone. Remember your goals and stay motivated.

10. You won’t make mistakes.

College changes you significantly. The further away from home you are the more freedom you have, however it is up to you to ensure this freedom is not abused and you stay on top of your goals.

Despite being a huge change, college is a wonderful experience that will open your eyes to many new ideas and experiences. Stay strong and stay excited- you’re in for a wild ride


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