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OneClass are currently hiring students who can take notes for the following courses at Arizona State University in exchange for $450! 

Note that you do not have to be enrolled in the course to become a note taker – you just have to be available to sit in on the class and take notes.

We pay $450 in total per course.

Available Courses:

      Course Code: ECN 212
      Course Time: iCourse – Online Session

      Course Code: CHM 114 
      Course Time: Tuesday  + Thursday @ 15:00pm – 16:15pm 
      Location: Tempe – PSH 135

      Course Code: CIS 105 
      Course Time: Monday + Wednesday @ 10:45am – 12:00pm 
      Location: West – CLCC 246

      Course Code: CSE 100
      Course Time: Monday + Wednesday + Friday  @ 8:35am – 9:25am   
      Location: Tempe – COOR 170

      Course Code: CSE 110
      Course Time: Tuesday  + Thursday  @ 7:30am – 8:45am   
      Location: Tempe – COOR 170

      Course Code: ECN 211
      Course Time: Thursday  @ 13:30Pm – 14:45am   
      Location: Tempe – BAC 216

      Course Code: MAT 210
      Course Time: Tuesday  + Thursday @   15:00-16:15 
      Location: West – CLCC 146

      Course Code: MAT 265
      Course Time: Tuesday  + Thursday @  18:00-19:15 
      Location: Tempe – ART 220 
NOTE: Enrolled in another section? You’re still eligible for this position!  

If you are interested in being paid to take notes for any of these courses or other sections, please click “Apply Now” to schedule a time to talk! 


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