1. The Teacher’s Pet

2. The Hippie

3. The one who has never been to a party

4. The Squad

5. The Partier

6. The Daddy’s Girl

7. The Independent

8. The Trump Hater

9. The Dog Lover

10. The Cat Lover

11. The Instagram Model

12. The one that adds everyone to social media

13. The one that gets too drunk

14. The Yogi

15. The Questioner

16. The one with a long distance boyfriend

17. The “Walk of Shame” Girl

18. The Never Goes to Class Girl

19. The Angry One

20. The Athletic One

21. The Mature Student

22. The Rebel

23. The Hard Worker

24. The Volunteer

25. The “One of the Guys” Girl

26. The Nerdy Girl

27. The Sorority Girl

28. The Church Girl

29. The Gold Digger

30. The Hot Professor

31. The Introverted Girl



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