1. There are trees changing literally EVERYWHERE

Ohio University’s campus is filled with giant overarching trees everywhere you look, and when the leaves start to change, it’s like the entire campus is a new world.

2. The endless options for warm drinks

Court Street is lined with amazing local coffee shops where you can taste test the best pumpkin spice latte (if you’re basic like me). From Donkey coffee to Brennen’s, there’s always a new drink waiting for you.

3. HOUmecoming is the best week of the year

From the nightly themed parties to the random alumni you’ll see stumbling from bar to bar, HOUmecoming is a week filled with lots of fun and not lots of sleep.

4. HallOUween

Halloween is always a fun holiday, but Halloween at OU is nothing you’ve ever seen before. The Athens Ohio Halloween block party is the 3rd biggest block party in America. Do I need to say more?

5. OU is already haunted

What more could you want to get into the Halloween spirit than living with ghosts on your floor? Wilson Hall, supposedly the most haunted building on campus, has a room that’s even locked and sealed because of the paranormal activity that’s so present.

This Fall season so far at OU has been a jam-packed, crazy experience, but it’s also been some of the best times of my life. Everyone needs a fall semester in Athens!


Hannah Dietz

journalism student at ohio university :)