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1. You won’t get ANY sleep.

There are parties going on every night of the week and Court Street is constantly packed. My FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) was too strong to skip any wild nights, so my week consisted of staying out until 3 am Monday-Saturday. RIP.

2. You’ll fall behind on your schoolwork.

Props go to those that managed to keep up with their course load, but I definitely didn’t. From my 2 midterms that I barely studied for, to the Spanish essay I completely forgot existed, my schoolwork definitely took a hit this past week.

3. You need to pack for random themes

Each party on each night of Homecoming week has a different funny/crazy theme. From trailer trash, to aliens, to around the world, I found myself asking everyone on my floor for one accessory or another to fit the theme each night.

4. You’ll meet people you’ve never met before (that you might not remember meeting in the morning)

During Homecoming week, people who never go out end up going out just to experience the craziness that is OU hoco. Along with that, alumni are walking the streets having the time of their lives because they’re finally back in Athens.

5. You might tear up when looking at your bank account

From the crazy amount of drinks every night to the late night pizza I had way too much, my bank account definitely went took a plummet this past week.

6. You’ll probably have one of the best weeks of your life

Ohio University homecoming week only happens once per year, and while it’s super chaotic and crazy, it’s also some of the most fun I’ve had since being here at OU. I’m glad it’s over so I can sleep and call my dad for money, but I’m also so thankful it happened.


Hannah Dietz

journalism student at ohio university :)

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