1. Rainboots

I have to break something to you: it rains a lot in Ohio. Lots of rain plus super slippery bricks all throughout Athens means that you’re going to need durable, slip proof rain boots. (I recommend Hunter boots)

 raining rain boot GIF

2. A Brita filter

The water in Athens is, well, not good. Compared to my water at home, the water at OU is less than subpar, and I knew I needed something better immediately. The Brita filters are cheap, effective, and definitely necessary.

  water new amazon lazy GIF

3. Theme accessories and Costumes

It’s Friday night in Athens and you get a text for an EDM rave themed party on Mill St. What the heck are you supposed to wear? To be the most prepared one in your hall, make sure to throw in all your random old Halloween costumes and items around the house because you never know when you’re gonna need them.

 halloween mean girls amanda seyfried halloween costume karen smith GIF

4. Earplugs

If you’re like me and you ended up living on the loudest dorm floor in all of OU, you’re going to need some solid earplugs to fall asleep on the nights before your 8 am.

5. Cash. Lots of it.

From the bars that only take cash, to the random grilled cheese tables selling $1 grilled cheese every saturday at 12 am, you’re going to want to bring dolla dolla bills to satisfy all of these necessities.

Thalia de Jong cute dog girl pink GIF

6. A Passport

I know it sounds a little extra, especially because we’re in middle America, but you never know when you’re going to need a second form of identification. (Any job you get requires multiple forms of ID, not just bars!!) Plus, there are some frat formals in Canada (!!!)

 passport mister bean GIF

7. A 10 ft phone charger

The outlets here are pretty scarce, and when you do find one in the library, it’s always in the worst place. Bringing a 10 ft charger might make some people trip on it, but it’ll save your phone battery and that awkward 20 minute walk around the library looking for the perfect spot.

 youtube ipod 5sf 5secondfilms phone charger GIF


Hannah Dietz

journalism student at ohio university :)

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