Being an out of state student at Ohio University brings a lot of new experiences. From the people a little too stuck in high school, to all of the Ohio lingo you start to learn, being out of state is actually a blessing in disguise!

1. You’ll learn about the 3 C’s: Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland

Almost anyone you meet at OU will be from or around these 3 cities. Get used to them and try to not get them mixed up. (You probably will though).

2. You’ll hear about the constant debate: OU vs OSU

So many students at Ohio University were deciding between going here or going to Ohio State. They’ll constantly talk about why OU is better (which it totally is).

3.  Everyone you meet might hang out with their high school friends at first

For the first couple of weeks, you might feel like everyone already knows each other. Whether from the same high school or the same county, in-state students always know someone else who goes here.

4. People will ask you why you came to OU. Like all the time.

Whenever someone finds out that you’re from out of state, they’ll always want to know exactly why you chose to come. Coming from the East Coast, especially, people always want to know why I came so far.

5. People will talk about missing Skyline Chili

I didn’t know what Skyline was until I came to Ohio University. Constantly, my friends would tell me how much they were craving the infamous Cincinnati Skyline Chili.

6. Everyone loves Ohio sports teams

You’ll figure out pretty quickly how passionate Ohioans are about their sports. From die hard Indians fans to Cavs jerseys all throughout campus, Ohio sports fans are loyal, loud, and proud.

Being an out of state student at Ohio University can be a challenge: you might feel like everyone knows everyone, but you’ll learn that’s not the case. Soon, you’ll feel like a true Ohioan!


Hannah Dietz

journalism student at ohio university :)

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