It’s the worst week of the year: midterm week. College is tough, no question about it, and when midterms come by, it makes life even harder. After trying to juggle a social life, homework assignments, recovering from the weekend, jobs, what have you’s, life’s already stressful enough when it comes to college, but when midterms rear their ugly heads it’s a whole different story. Here’s some helpful tips on how to survive the dreaded midterm week.

1. Study

This may seem obvious, but come on we all know not everyone studies. Especially the people who need to. Studying may be tedious and boring, but it makes a whole lot of difference after going into the exam prepared and getting a good grade instead of staying up all night binge watching Netflix. Plus after studying hard and putting forth the effort, getting a good grade bring a sense of accomplishment.

2. Make Sure You’re Up To Date On Homework

Homework is important in college, it can make up most of your grade and also help you prepare better for the exams since most of the time the material covered in homework is more than likely going to end up on the exam. So make sure you did all your homework and actually understand it so you know the material and can ace the exam.

3. Visit a Coffee Shop

If you’re a coffee drinker there’s no better place to study than a coffee shop. Grab a hot (or cold) cup of coffee to refresh your senses and get studying. Coffee will help you stay focused and energized and the coffee shop atmosphere makes for a calm studying environment.

4. Work in Groups

Sometimes studying alone gets too hard or boring and you might even want to give up studying altogethe. But if you’re in a group, it gives you a better sense of commitment to what you’re doing because everyone around you is doing the same thing and struggling along with you. Plus, you might learn more from another student who picked up the material better than you have and can help each other out.

5. Talk to The Professor

No better way to get an A on the exam than to talk to person who wrote it. Your professor is there to help you get  a better grasp on what you’re learning. Showing up to their scheduled office hours is the best way to talk to them; they’ll help you with what you’re struggling with and also show them that you really want to learn and do well. It also shows that you are taking the extra initiative to do well in their class. So brownie points!



6. Drink Energy Drinks

If you’re not a big coffee drinker than maybe a nice shot of Red Bull will get you through. These cans of sugar will help you stay awake and keep you energized and ready to study. Just don’t overdo it and drink too many that your heart explodes. Know your limits and be careful.

7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Now staying up all night hooked on coffee and Red Bull may help you stay up to learn the material on your exam but cramming never works. Staying up all night before an exam to cram will only hurt you during the exam. You’ll be tired and worn out and probably in withdrawal from all the sugar, making you distracted and unfocused. A well rested sleep the night before an exam is the perfect way to go in ready and prepared.

8. Eat

Eating a good breakfast before your exam will help you be calm and awake. Not having to deal with the awkward stomach growls during a quiet exam will help you feel 100% more confident than the other way around.

9. Show Up on Time

Nothing is worse than waking up five minutes before an exam, running down the streets, trying to get to it before your professor locks you out and fails you. Get a good sleep, set your alarm and be early. It will be less stressful and give you time to look over a few things before the exam.

10. Relax

Probably one of the most important points. Save the best for last. The best thing is to sit back, relax and know you can get through the exam. Stressing out will only cause more problems and cloud your mind from the right answers. Just sit back relax. You got this!

Those are just a few tips that will hopefully help you through your midterm week and help you get a passing grade. Remember: study, eat, sleep and relax and you’ll do great! Good luck!


Kevin Hohenberger

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