Ohio university

One of the questions everyone will ask you when you’re in college is “What’s your major?” Some programs are harder than others; it all depends on what your strong suit is.  Within Ohio University, there are programs where they rank quite high nationally. Did you know the Forensic Chemistry program has ranked #1 in the nation in 2015 and 2016? We will look at a variety of colleges at Ohio University, and give insight into common stereotypes for each.

1. The College of Business

The College of Business is one of the top colleges at Ohio University. At Ohio University, if you’re a business major, there’s one thing that you think of. Cluster. Cluster is the reason business majors absolutely hate their life for a semester, but once that is over, all is good in the business world. Classes are not as stressful when cluster is over, and you feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulder. The College of Business ranked 15th in the top business schools at public universities. 

2. College of Arts And Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is where all science majors endure their pain. The amount of course load you endure over a four-year degree in the Arts and Sciences program is painful, but it pays off. Even as a chemistry or biology major, you will still need to tough out the task of passing physics classes, statistics, or other classes you may feel don’t directly impact your major directly. On nights before exams, you will see everyone in the same class all studying and cramming for four tests in one week, because that’s just how science majors seem to have their tests laid out. With the toughness of these science classes, long hours in the library are extremely crucial if you hope to achieve high standing at graduation, or plan on going to grad school. 

3. Scripps College of Journalism

Another program at Ohio University is ranked in the top 10. In 2013, Scripps College of Journalism ranked 7th in the country among the top journalism schools. Getting into Scripps is not easy, as you need to maintain a 3.0 throughout your time here. Along with the GPA requirement, high SAT scores and GPA in high school is very important, as the average GPA of students admitted in the middle 50% range is a 3.66. However, when admitted, Scripps has numerous resources in order to help you further your career in journalism. 


Austin Harmon

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