1. People go all out

If you thought your cat ears and black eyeliner whiskers were enough for the OU block party, you thought wrong. People were dressed in life-sized dinosaur costumes and Franzia bottles. There was a guy walking around inside a table pretending to be a “one night stand.”

2. OU Students will brave any weather

This year’s Halloween was 40 degrees and rainy. The entire day and night. Even though the weather was miserable, the OU students still got as lit as ever and made the best of it, hand warmers and all.

3. Bobcats look out for other Bobcats

HallOUween can get really wild, but every time I saw a girl a little too messed up, or a guy falling over walking up Mill Street, there was always someone taking care of them. With all of the random strangers coming from out-of-town, the OU students still made sure to watch out for one another no matter what.

4. Local Ohio Artists are SO talented

For those that braved the 11 pm freezing rain, be glad that you did. The DJ’s that played were bumping some of the best mixes I’ve heard in a while. Even though the block party could’ve had more popular artists, the committee continually chooses to feature local artists, and I’m so glad that they do.

5. OU is the best school ever. No Question.

It’s clear why people came to HallOUween from hours away. Ohio University is amazing, and we know how to party hard, no matter the weather.


Hannah Dietz

journalism student at ohio university :)

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