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College can be scary at times, especially when it comes to picking a major. One day you have the whole world ahead of you and anything is possible. Any and all majors are before you and everyone is telling you that you have time to figure it all out. Then out of nowhere it’s the end of your sophomore year and you have no idea what you want to do with your life and every professor and advisor is breathing down your neck, harking you to figure out immediately what you want to do. It’s a story many people are familiar with whether personally or through a friend, but it does happen a lot.


Some are lucky and make the decision early. A good major to study in is Media, with many possibilities to choose from such as Integrated Media if one wants to do something involving movies/television. Though there is a long road ahead once choosing a major, there many tools are laid out in front of oneself thanks to the prestigious Scripps College of Communication.


The specific major, Integrated Media and most media majors focus on different aspects of the media world including video production, the music industry, games and animations, etc. Integrated Media focuses more on the video production side and involve various classes involving things such as screenwriting, video and audio production, storytelling visually, along with many others.

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Some of the requirements for the major are a bit different than regular majors within Ohio University because it is connected through the Scripps College of Communication which requires a 3.0 GPA along with recommendations from teachers/professors and/or staff. After you are in various courses are required for the major such as the ones listed above and others such as the extremely helpful Business of Media course, along with a wide range of different media courses whether revolving film, social media, criticism, and much more.


Overall the Integrated Media major is thoroughly enjoyable and it can be very beneficial to one’s career path. It is a wonderful major for anyone to join. The media world is always expanding and at a fast rate and could use more people in the field and a media major would be a great opportunity for anyone.




Kevin Hohenberger

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