It’s about that time of the year again. Over the course of the year, sports seasons come and go, but one season everyone seems to look forward to is college basketball season at Ohio University. In Athens, it is no different. The Convocation Center, while a smaller venue, holds 13,080 people, and the students in the “O-Zone” make for a cracking atmosphere. Here, we’ll preview their season, with even a few predictions!

1. The loss of Jaaron Simmons will not be as big of a loss as initially anticipated.

Averaging 15.9 points a game, and almost 7 assists, Jaaron became the heart of the team last year after star Antonio Campbell became injured early in the season. Bobcat fans were dealt a major blow at the news of Simmons transferring to Michigan, and wondered who our point guard will be for this year. Teyvion Kirk, a freshman out of Joliet, Illinois, played great during exhibition games, and look for him to carry that into the regular season. With the return of Jordan Dartis next to him, the two could quickly fill a guard powered dynamic-duo.                                                                                          

2. The first game

The first game of the schedule always seems to be a breeze, but it’s really a warm-up for a much better opponent, Clemson. Last year, the Bobcats beat ACC school Georgia Tech, and while underdogs heading into the Clemson game, look for Kevin Mickle, graduate student transfer from FGCU, to breakout with Jason Carter. The toughest games of the year come during January and February, with extremely tough MACtion games against Toledo and Akron on the road. However, the Bobcats scheduled a non-conference game against Maryland on the road, a tough Big-Ten school to play every year. Ranked just outside of the top 25 at the moment, the Terrapins prove in March Madness that they are a deep squad, with the abilities of Justin Jackson, and a deep sophomore squad.                            

3. Jordan Dartis will average at least 17 points per game this year.

With the loss of Simmons, Dartis is the primary scorer, and his ability of long-range will carry the Bobcats to a lot of victories. He shot 44% from three last year, and 40% from the field. Jason Carter, also proved to be huge as a freshman last year, and has only gotten better. With Toni Campbell leaving, this opens a big opportunity for Doug Taylor to take over, and make the most of his opportunity.

Overall, the Bobcats will go 21-7, and hopefully make a run in the MAC tournament and win the whole thing, so Bobcat Nation can see our boys dancing. As always in MACtion, it’s going to be a fun year! Hope you’re ready for the ride Bobcat Fans!   


Austin Harmon

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