Ohio University is kind of known for its amazing bar scene. Imagine a three block area just seconds from campus that has over 15 bars. That’s Court Street for you. This is your guide to the Freshman Bars.

1.The Crystal

The Crystal is the “underclassmen bar,” and is notorious for letting most people in. The floor is a little sticky, but the drinks are good and fairly cheap.  Plus, you’ll ALWAYS know someone at crystal.

2. Red Brick Tavern

Red Brick is famous for their “Brick Break,” which is dollar well drinks every weeknight from 6-9. This means that whenever you walk into Red Brick, you’ll see someone plastered out of their mind at 7 pm. This is a huge freshman bar, and constantly feels like a sauna. It’s the grossest bar at OU, but with cheap drinks and good music, why not stop in?

4. The CI

The CI is the kind of bar you go to when you’re with a huge group of friends trying to have a chill night. They have a jukebox and cheap drinks, and there’s always a crowd around the pool table. It’s also pretty easy to get into.

5. J Bar

J Bar is that special occasion bar that you go to dance your heart out. It’s the most expensive bar at OU, and it’s pretty hard to get into, but the lights are always off and the music is always blaring. It’s so.much.fun.

6. Stephen’s

Stephen’s is another huge dancing bar that seriously plays the best music of any bar. On the weekends, you can catch girls standing on chairs twerking to Miley Cyrus all night.


There’s a clear divide between upperclassmen and Freshman bars here at OU, but Freshman bars are so fun too! Even with the sticky floors and odd smells wafting around, Freshman bars are a rite of passage for every Ohio University student.


Hannah Dietz

journalism student at ohio university :)

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