Learning a new language can be a challenging concept to grasp, but fun, and extremely useful in the future. Traveling to Europe, and only knowing English would be a difficult task, especially if you’re traveling to Italy. Knowing how to communicate with others in a different country is crucial to a fun vacation, where you know where you’re going and what you’re doing. Here are five things to expect in Italian 1110 at Ohio University.

1. Study, study, and study.

In order for the human brain to fully comprehend a word in a foreign language, the brain needs to hear it ten total times. Studying vocabulary, and verbs will only increase your grade, and make it easier to communicate in class.

2. You will get to try great food.

Most Italian teachers like to show that food is an important part of the Italian culture, and will want you to try their amazing cuisine. From focaccia bread pizza, to various forms of pasta, you will always eat good in Italian.

3. The class only gets harder.

Starting out extremely easy with greetings and numbers, the class only gets more difficult. Once you reach prepositions with nouns, the class gets extremely tricky. Expect extra time learning which preposition goes with which verb tense.

4. Make a list of words that are masculine and feminine.

Unlike other languages, the words are not always clear on whether or not they are masculine or feminine. From the very beginning of class, it is extremely important when learning a new word to create a list of what tense each word is under, and what gender each word falls in.

5. It truly is a lot of fun.

From watching Italian cinema, to discussing culture in class, Italy truly is a beautiful place. Italian cinema is amazing, and something many were not aware of before this class. Having class discussions and completing group work speaking nothing but Italian is challenging, but extremely rewarding.

Overall, taking Italian 1110 is a rewarding adventure at Ohio University. Learning about another culture, and developing lingual skills to help you if you travel to Italy is very important, and you might even impress your relatives by speaking Italian at home, especially to your grandparents if they’re Italian!

Austin Harmon

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