Animal cell biology is an extremely difficult class at Ohio University, but only if you make it difficult. Overall, the concept is extremely interesting, which is a major catch, as learning about the biological cycles in animals is interesting to those in a biological field. Here are five things to expect in BIOS 3200.

1.There is more things than you will ever remember.

This class consists of so many cycles and small lists of proteins, that remembering all of them is actually impossible. Remembering functions of twenty amino-acids to start the year in two days, and their shapes, which sounds like organic chemistry, will have you dreading the class from the beginning. However, it gets better!                      


2. The tests are predominantly on the processes.

In class, you will review just about everything imaginable on the processes and functions. However, when it becomes test time, it is really comes down to just the cycles. Taking hours and just memorizing processes is so worth it when it comes to exam time. Roughly 80% of your exams will be relying on the processes, so if you know the processes, you won’t do badly at all!           


3.The professor makes it enjoyable.

He has a thick accent, as he’s from Japan, but you will get adjusted easily. His sense of humor is one of a kind, and gets the whole class laughing at everything. Sometimes you will get tired of hearing about biology, and he will realize it. That’s the time he cracks a joke and gets the whole class engaged and ready to go again and become energetic about biology!                

Overall, animal cell biology is a challenging course. The amount of work you put in will determine your overall grade. Extra credit is at a minimum, and curves are nonexistent, but if you study the processes, you will do fine and won’t get below a B. Learning the functions of animals from a professor who really cares about his field will give you the motivation you need to succeed in the class, and really care about what you’re learning.


Austin Harmon

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