Taking a fine arts credit is a requirement for students at Ohio University. Choosing the right fine arts class is key, as there are some fine arts classes that are extremely difficult to take, but others are extremely easy, and very manageable for students not in that major. MUS1200 is one of those classes, and here are three things to expect in MUS1200!

1. You don’t have to go to class.

Yes, you read correctly. You never have to show up, and you can still get an A. On the first day, it was made clear that attendance is not mandatory, and your grades only rely on online quizzes, and your main exams. Attendance is only mandatory on exam days, and you will end up seeing faces you’ve never seen before in your life. Everyone looks at each other like it’s the first day of class, wondering who you are.                     


2. The online quizzes truly define your grade.

There are so many online quizzes that you can take over and over again until you receive a perfect score, and that will boost your grade. A lot of students don’t even read the content required at the beginning, and guess over and over again until they figure out what the correct answer is and just go back and take it again with all of the correct answers. Getting anything less than 100% is just selling yourself short, and why would you want a bad grade?                                      

3. The actual exams are extremely difficult.

All of the content is in the readings, and the quizzes, but if you are not a music major, you actually have to study for these. Understanding different tones of songs, and the history of music becomes extremely difficult if you don’t study this full-time, but you definitely have to read the textbook before the exam. On the exams, you get to listen to five listening examples of music, that you know about before the exam, all for extra credit.                                                              

4. There is a ton of extra credit.

Overall, at the end of the semester, numerous extra credit opportunities are provided. You can talk about your taste in music, how the class has influenced you, what piece you relate to the most, etc. The amount of points you can earn is up to half an exam grade. Imagine getting 50 free points!                                               


Overall, you can really get a great grade in this class, and it’s quite easy. Prepare for the exams, and make sure to do all the quizzes, and it is very easy to get an A, and get your big GPA boost. The best part is that you don’t even need to go to class to get an A, and how many classes can you say that about?

Austin Harmon

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