For students in the arts and sciences field at Ohio University,  you have to complete science classes in various fields: biology, chemistry, and physics. PHYS 2002 is the second-level physics course you will be taking if you are lucky to make it out of PHYS 2001.  The level of difficulty within the course may originally have you thinking you cannot pass, but with the right amount of effort and by following these tips – you sure can!

1. Always go to class.

The most important thing you can do in this class is actually attend the class. Skipping this class is not advised, especially if you want a good grade. And this is due to the difficulty of the class. From thermodynamics to conductivity, you will always be challenged, and the lectures are difficult to follow. Take good notes so you are not completely lost when you attend labs, which test what you learned in class.

2. Take advantage of the easy participation points.

When you go to class, you get rewarded! An application called Tophat is used throughout class to test your knowledge on what is currently being taught. This is 3% of your overall grade, and is the easiest 3% you will get. You get the full 3% as long as you get over 75% correct of the total points, and even if you miss the question, you’re given a 2 out of 3! Just attending every class, and giving it your best, you never realize how much 3% can carry you.

3. Prepare your cheat sheet for exams!

For each exam, there are so many formulas and equations you’ve learned that there is no way you can remember them all. You are given the opportunity to use one 8 x 11 piece of paper, where you write whatever you want to help you for your exam! Preparing your cheat sheet properly is very important. By attending class, you should know all of the main equations, but it is never a bad idea to go back and look at all of the slides, and write down every equation, but also some practice problems. Writing extremely small is the way to go!

4. Don’t get discouraged by low exam scores!

The average exam scores range between 50-60 percent on the first two exams! To pass the class, you need a score of 70 and above. The lab grades will bring you up, as well as the participation marks, so be sure not to get discouraged if you fall right around the average after receiving an exam score. This class is heavily curved due to the difficult nature of the class, so you will be fine if you stay positive!

All in all, the class is extremely difficult, but you have to have a certain mindset to deal with some adversity. There will be many chances to boost your grade, but you have to stick with it and always attend class. Attending class will always boost your grade, and even though it sounds repetitive and something you hear all the time, it really is crucial for this class.

Austin Harmon

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