Oklahoma State University

There are many opportunities for students to gain experiences, new experiences that challenge them for the better. One of these being classes and studying. College is meant to challenge students. You get the most out of college when challenged as you continue to learn life lessons and skills you’ll need for the real world. Below are some of the hardest courses that students will find at Oklahoma State University that is geared towards challenging them for the better.

1. MATH 1715 – Precalculus

A look at equations used in calculus

Are you good at math? Students in this class will take on a lot of challenges when it comes to math, more specifically, calculus. This class will teach students about different equations used in calculus that relate to algebra and geometry. Students will have to spend hours practicing inside and outside of class.

2. CS 1013 – Computer Science Principles

Tools used in computer science

This class will teach students about the principles of computer science. Students will learn about algorithms, tools for developing and expressing problems when it comes to computers, and digital devices. Students will learn more about programming and the networks that connect them as well. This class requires students to study and memorize different programming tools and solutions.

3. ECON 1113 – The Economics of Social Issues

The word economics spelled out

This class will teach students about the different social issues when it comes to economics and its basic principles. Students will also learn about poverty, unemployment, crime, and other social problems that people face when it comes to the economy. Students will also contribute their own solutions to inflation and present. This class requires a lot of work and studying for assignments.

4. CHEM 1215 – Chemical Principles I

Tools used in the field of chemistry including periodi table and burettes

Are you a science head? This class will allow students to gain a brief overview on the chemical principles of chemistry. This includes learning about chemical applications, chemical proprieties, transformations, molecular structure, and chemical combination. This class is very test heavy so students will have to study up outside of class.

5. BADM 3113 – Interpersonal Skills

Two people using their interpersonal skills

Have you learned how to develop interpersonal skills or do you have one? Many people fear interpersonal skills due to lack of confidence. Students will learn about focusing in on their own and developing their strengths to help build up their weaknesses. This class will challenge students to think outside of the box.

6. BIOL 1114 – Introductory Biology

A picture of the word biology

This class will teach students about the principles of biology. It requires a lot of reading and a lot of assignments as well. Students will also learn more about the processes of science when it comes to biological sciences, genetics, physiology, ecology, and the principles of evolution so that students can gain a better understanding of biology.

7. ENGR 1111 – Introduction to Engineering

A picture of tools used in architecture including a hard hat, compas and blueprint

Students in this class will learn more about engineering and the practice of engineering. Students will learn more about global issues, social engineering, and safety issues. Students will also learn more about the ethics within engineering as well. This class requires students to be on their computers a lot and to engage in challenging hands on opportunities.

8. FIN 3613 – General Insurance

A look at policies for insurance paper

Are you insured? Students will learn about the basics and principles of insurance. You will also learn more about elements, health, life insurance, and casualty. Students will also learn more about analyzing different things when it comes to insurance. Students will have to study outside of class because this is a test heavy class.

9. ENGL 1313 – Critical Analysis and Writing I

A person writing in a notebook

This class will teach students about critical analysis when it comes to English. Students will learn about different expository writing forms, writing summaries, critique, and synthesis. Students will learn more about readings as well. Students will have to write a lot in class and read a lot outside of class.

10. ACCT 2103 – Financial Accounting

A look at someone doing accounting on their computer with papers beside him

Are you good at numbers? What about counting money? This class will teach students about the principles of financial accounting. Students will learn more about decision-making when it comes to information in accounting. This includes learning about problems in the economy and banking. Students will have to memorize equations and study outside of class.

Miyelle Mason

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