Pace University is one of the most underrated colleges in the U.S. Its Performing Arts program and its financial aid has been rated the best in the nation. Plus, Pace gives incredible internship and other experiential learning opportunities. And if you are in the Pforzheimer Honors College, you have even more opportunities in higher education. Here are 5 advantages of being in Pforzheimer.

1. Scholarship

As an Honors College student, you get up to $20,000 in scholarships. One is for your tuition and the other, the Honors Opportunity Scholarship, can be used for a variety of things such as study abroad. Both are obviously really helpful.

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2. Mentoring

First-year students in Pforzheimer are assigned an Honors Mentor – an older student in the same (or similar) major who can offer advice about classes and clubs/activities that will look good on a resume. Your mentor is like a “big” in a sorority/fraternity.

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3. Bill and Jackie

Bill and Jackie are the directors/advisers in Pforzheimer. Instead of having the adviser assigned to the rest of your major, you have Bill and Jackie. They do your scheduling and advising periods, especially as a first-year. Plus, they’re the coolest people ever and are absolute life savers when things go wrong. Scheduling conflict? Hate your professor? Bill and Jackie can fix everything with one email.

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4. Networking

This may be the most important one. People in the Honors College are super close. It’s like a big family! So if you’re in need of an internship or a part-time job or a fellowship or some extra guidance, just ask literally anyone in Pforzheimer, past or present. A lot of the time, alumni will offer to help kids in Pforzheimer. Bill and Jackie can help in this way too. They can recommend you for really prestigious fellowships and scholarships. A lot of Honors kids get them every year, so Pace (specifically Pforzheimer) has a good reputation with most of the committees. In fact, Pace matches Ivy Leagues in the number of students who got prestigious fellowships/scholarships.

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So clearly, there are a lot of advantages for being in the Pforzheimer Honors College. The scholarships, the mentoring/advising, networking, and opportunities are unmatched. Plus, the community is great and it’s just a whole bunch of fun!!!

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Sarah Murray

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