For all incoming Freshman or transfer students, it is required that you take a seminar lecture course which is popularly known as University 101 course at Pace University. There are several advantages of this course that some may fail to miss.

1. Building Relationships

You are always told, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” As the semester comes to a close you begin to realize how true that statement truly is. Your University 101 professor may also be your academic adviser which can always be a bonus. Coming to class on time and participating in class will give you the upper hand if needed. Also, building relationships with other students will be beneficial to you in the long run. If you have to miss class because you were sick, you can always ask your classmate for the assignments that were given out in class that day.

2. Helpful Tips

Most lecture courses are dull and boring, but the University 101 class gives you tips that you can utilize outside the classroom. For one session of the course, they brought in a woman who showed students on how to properly handle stress with three different techniques.

3. Meet with your Peer Mentor

In every University 101 course, there is a peer leader. Peer leaders are usually sophomore but can also be Junior and seniors as well students. Your Professor requires you meet with your peer mentor at least twice your first semester. Most people find this requirement galling, but it’s the most beneficial. Your peer leader is here to make sure that you are settling in from the transition from high school to college or in other cases, from X University to Pace. They also are here to answer any questions you may have which is quite useful since they have been enrolled at Pace University longer than you have.

Pace’s University 101 course has so beneficial that people fail to realize. Take advantage of everything that is given to you.

Ayanna Armstrong

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