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If you have English 110 on your schedule, here are some tips to help you pass!

1. Check Blackboard Regularly

Every semester you’re enrolled in college, Blackboard will be your best friend. Readings, proposals, upcoming due dates… Almost everything you need to know will be posted on that website. Blackboard also gives you a pretty good estimate of your current grade in the class.

2. Complete your Essays

There are three mandatory essays: The literacy narrative,  Rhetorical Analysis, and the local Research paper. Each essay gives you the opportunity to expand and explore on topics that are within in the requirements for each essay assigned. Each essay is weighed a certain percentage of your grade so make sure you actually do them.

3. Visit the writing center

For English 110, you are required to visit the writing center at least twice per semester. Although this seems nettlesome, it is actually a tool that students should utilize and value more. The writing center provides feedback to help you improve or enhance your essay. Even the best of writers can benefit from the writing center.

4. Attend Conferences

When your English professor schedules a conference, go to it. Usually at these conferences, you’ll receive feedback on your essays and one on one help if needed. It’s a great way to form a bond with your teacher as they will better understand your writing style.

5. Digital Remix Project

The digital remix project is one of the best final projects you can have. You will use the Storify Platform and take one of the three essays you wrote and expand or reimagine it. It’s a creative way to speak to your audience on a larger platform. You’re able to incorporate gifs, videos, and images as well. Here’s an example:

It’s a fun way to end the semester!

6. Unit Portfolio

At the end of your semester, your teacher will require you to submit all the work you have done on Blackboard. So make sure you save all your work!

If you follow all these steps, then you’re sure to pass the class.


Ayanna Armstrong

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