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Intro to Psych with Professor Quinlan is a good class. Psychology is an infinitely interesting field and even if you’re not a psych major, this class could be useful in every other field you can imagine. Criminal justice? You need to understand motivations. Education? You need to understand learning, memory, and intelligence. So, if you’re interested in broadening your knowledge with Prof. Quinlan, here are some tips and tricks to get through his PSY112 class!

1. Be prepared to take a lot of notes

Prof. Quinlan’s class is almost completely lecture-based. There’s some reviews, tests, and movies here and there, but it’s mostly lectures. So make sure to practice your typing/writing skills, because you’re going to need to type/write fast. However, if you’re not that fast, that’s okay! Prof. Quinlan is really good about slowing down and repeating what he said. Just raise your hand!

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2. Pay very close attention

Prof. Quinlan is very old-fashioned in his lecture styles. He doesn’t use PowerPoint or any other kind of presentation. He reads off of his little lecture paper and occasionally writes (in perfect cursive!) on the chalk board and sometimes starts telling stories — so you’re going to want to be super attentive to make sure you get all the information down.

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3. Start studying ahead of time

Each test has a lot of information on it. It can become very overwhelming if you let it but, the best way to avoid test anxiety is to study ahead of time. You can start by reviewing your notes on the same day took them. There are a lot of psychologists and experiments in psychology, so be prepared for a lot of memorization. Flashcards and notes-review will be your best friends.

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4. Pay attention to the movie, Fatal Attraction

One of the few grades you receive in this class (other than a few tests and school-mandated research participation), is a series of essays about the movie, Fatal Attraction. You will watch this movie as a part of the unit on borderline personality disorder. It’s a really intriguing movie, so paying attention won’t be that hard, but you still need to make an effort to pay attention to all the details.

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5. Participate in discussions

Prof. Quinlan is a strong proponent of extra credit and he often gives it during class discussions. If you present some trivia facts to the questions he asks, you can get some bonus points!

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Introduction to Psychology with Professor Quinlan is a very interesting class, even though it can be overwhelming sometimes. But the good news is that Professor Quinlan is very dedicated to his students and genuinely wants them to do well. He often says that it his goal is to make sure every one of his students gets a B, and he will work with students to make sure they are doing their very best. Don’t worry, you’ll do great!

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Sarah Murray

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