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If you’re a senior in High school or looking to transfer from your current college or University, Pace University should be the top on your list. Here are five reasons why you should consider enrolling at Pace University.

1. Small Campus

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Think of Pace University as the “just right” porridge. Pace University is not too big and not too small. Would you rather be walking on campus not seeing any familiar faces or seeing a few familiar faces? Pace creates a welcoming vibe that you will not be able to get anywhere else. Every day you are bound to meet someone new, while also hanging with the friends you’ve already made.

2. Community Service Opportunites

On campus, there are various community service opportunities. With Pace U Aspire program and Center for Community Service, there are ample choices to choose from. You can volunteer for an open house or at a dance for students that have disabilities. Doing something that will help others, will make you feel like a good person in the end. Some things are better than money.

3. Leadership opportunities

From joining student government to joining a programming board, there are more than several ways to obtain leadership. Being a part of Student Government is a respected leadership role on campus. As an associate justice member, students have the power to make a difference on campus. You can listen to your peer’s complaints and have the power actually to do something about it. You can also become an E-board member of a club that you love whether it’s Vice president or secretary. There are also leadership summits that you can apply to be a part of. Spring semester students have the opportunity to go to Texas and Washington D.C to develop leadership opportunities.

4. Internships, Internships, Internships!

Pace University is big on internships. An internship allows you to get a sneak peak on what your future career may be like. During the Fall and Spring semester, Pace invites over fifty companies such as Apple and Samsung looking hire upperclassmen students more specifically Juniors and Seniors. Even if you may not be a rising junior or senior, all students are welcomed to visit the career fair. It’s a good a idea to go as a freshman to know what to expect when it’s your time to shine.

5. Location

Location is everything. Pace Univesity’s Pleasantville campus, is in the center of everything. You can take the shuttle and go into town to spend your flex dollars at participating stores such as Sal’s pizzeria and subway. If you’re having a sweet tooth, you can visit Q’s bakery even though they aren’t accepting Flex, the desserts are pretty tasty and inexpensive. Also, students are only a train ride away from White Plains where you can go shopping in the Galleria shopping center and maybe stop for a quick bite at Buffalo wild wings.

Pace University is not like any other school. You’ll meet people from all different walks of life. You’ll make connections. And most of all, it will mold you into a better person. Hopefully, these reasons, will put Pace on the top of your list.


Ayanna Armstrong

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