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Pace University Pleasantville campus is known for its homeyness. There are currently five buildings including the two newest buildings: Alumni Hall and Elm Hall. Below are the pros and cons of living in Alumni Hall.

Pro: FIGs

There are four floors in Alumni Hall. Each floor is combined with two first-year interest groups (FIGS). You can choose from a total of six such as Setter’s Leadership fig, Honors FIG, Pop culture and Media FIG, Espn FIG, BAM Fig and the Nursing FIG. Each FIG has their own designed lounges that students are free to hang around in. For example for the ESPN Fig, there is a ping-pong table and a foosball table. And for the BAM fig, there is a yoga studio supplied with yoga mats.

Pro: Events Tailored to your Community

There are two Residential assistants (RA) on each floor who are assigned to each Fig. Their main job is to keep you safe by enforcing Pace University’s policies. But they’re also there to make sure you have a great time during your first year as a college student. The Setter’s Leadership Fig goes on an annual retreat before which the main purpose is to get incoming Freshman closer to one another before Fall Semester begins. The best part of the retreat? It’s a secret but I can reveal that it’s the greatest feeling is knowing a few familiar faces before classes begin.

Pro: Study Lounges

Each floor is equipped with study lounges. These are essential for students who want an environment where they can be studious without any distractions. The furniture is designed to keep students as comfortable as they can be.  

Pro: Starbucks Cafe

One of the highlights of living in Alumni Hall is that they have their own mini Starbucks cafe which is convenient for coffee lovers. So if you’re running late to class or just want a quick snack, Starbucks is located on the first floor. The good thing about this Starbucks is that you do not have to spend your actual money because you are able to use your meal plan to complete the transaction. Starbucks is open from 10:00 am to 4:00pm and sadly closed on weekends.

Con: Triples

Alumni Hall is the only building available for Freshman. This year Pace University didn’t closely anticipate the number of Freshmen enrolling so there is a large number of students who have been forced to live in triples. For those of you who are not familiar with triple housing, it’s when students who have paid to live in a double suite, are living with three students designed for two people. This becomes problematic because there’s less space and an issue with closet space.

Con: Disturbances

Like every university, there are disturbances. There is a quiet hour policy from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am on weekdays and an hour later on the weekends. However, not everyone respects that policy. Your door can become a victim of ding-dong ditch. Yes, a freshman in college but we’re still kids at heart. It can become an inconvenience however when you’re trying to study and other people are making a huge ruckus. The residential advisors are working harder to in force this policy. 

Just like any other University, dorm buildings there are pros and cons. Pace University’s Freshmen building, Alumni Hall pros outweighs its cons. Don’t let that stop you from living in Alumni hall!


Ayanna Armstrong

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