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In traditional classes, students learn by receiving ideas and information from professors. But in learning community INT 198F “Reacting to the Past – America” course employ a different strategy. Students learn by taking on roles, acquainted by classic texts in complex games set in the historical events. It is a fun class with lots of reading, thinking and learning.

Play and learn

In this class, you are given a role to play without a script. Students need to develop a course of series that they think would help them succeed in the game. This makes students develop philosophical and intellectual beliefs shared by historical personalities that they have been assigned to play. This also helps students increase their learning about how things worked in past at an intellectual level.


The curriculum is challenging. Students have to read hundreds of pages about the historical background of the character that they are assigned to play. Grading is based not only on their writing but also on their mastery of historical characters’ points of view and their ability to make them come to life in class. Games played in this class engages students in a way that just reading historical text would not do. This helps students situate themselves in the past and develop a kind of thinking that great personalities of history shared.

Healthy competition

Throughout the semester, students immerse themselves in the character and end up loving them. The environment of class by the end of semester turns out in a healthy competition where everyone wants to succeed in the game and ultimately it forces every student to read and learn more about all the characters to perform their best in class. It is a fun way in which we learn a lot about history.

Personal development

Besides gaining a bunch of knowledge about history, participating in reacting games have also helped students improve their self-esteem and empathy. Students also learn much important life skills like teamwork, a more external locus of control, and greater support of the belief that human characteristics are flexible compared with controls.,

You will learn skills like—speaking, writing, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork—in order to prevail in difficult and complicated situations. It is a must take class throughout your 4 years at Pace University. Also, it is taught by BILL, one of the most fun and helpful professor at Pace University, which makes this course more interesting.



Yesha Chahwala

Recently moved from India to NYC to study international business at Pace University. Also a national gymnast of India. Here to share my experience of Pace NYC Campus.

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