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Living and going to school in New York City can seem quite daunting at first. However, with these quick tips, you will feel secure and safe in no time.

1. Be aware of your surroundings

Though it is very common to see people walking down the streets of Manhattan with their eyes glued to their cell phones, this is not necessarily the best way to travel. Always be alert. This means keeping your ears and eyes peeled for anything you deem suspicious. If you walk around on your cell phone, it becomes easy to get distracted at looked at as a target.

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2. Don’t stare up in the air

The number one mark of a tourist in NYC is that they constantly stare towards the sky at the tops of the skyscrapers. It is okay to glance up occasionally to take in the beauty of the view, but gazing up at the buildings makes you a target. It also slows down your pace of walking and becomes bothersome for those walking near you.

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3. Travel with a group

Pace University is located in the financial district of Manhattan. This area is relatively safer than some other spots in the city, however walking in a group always helps protect you. Predators are less likely to approach a large group. Additionally, if you are traveling by subway and/or to somewhere new and don’t know where you are going, this is an especially good idea.

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4. Ask for help from security

The security guards at Pace University are a great resource to help you stay safe around campus. If you feel unsafe, especially at night, they will walk you to your dorm or other destination. They are there to make you feel safe and comfortable, so use them! Additionally, if you notice a suspicious person who is continuously around campus, be sure to report them to campus security.

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5. Use GPS and travel apps

If you are unsure of your destination, especially when traveling alone, at night, or by subway, make use of NYC travel apps. Before leaving, check your phone for the quickest subway route or walking path. Note which subway stations you will be using and the easiest way to get there. Some great ones to use are MoovitCityMapper, or simply the Maps app on iPhone.

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6. Appear confident

The best advice to give a new student in New York City is to appear confident. Even if you feel unsure or insecure on the streets of New York, do your best to look like you have lived there all your life. An air of confidence protects you from looking weak and helpless. Look forward and be alert, and soon you will OWN this city!

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Hopefully these six tips will help you feel safe on campus. The more you travel, the more you will learn how to keep you and others safe. Happy exploring!


Christine Suddeth

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