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Pace University calls both Manhattan and Pleasantville, New York its home. Each campus has their own strengths, weaknesses, and reasons for attending. Here are a few striking differences between the two amazing New York campuses.

1) Athletics

It is important to note that all of Pace‘s NCAA Division II Athletics are found on the Pleasantville Campus in Westchester. Unfortunately, you will not find any major university basketball or football games at the Lower Manhattan Campus. There is, however, a small gym to use in the NYC main campus building if you so wish to utilize it.


2) Space

The Pleasantville Campus is much more spread out and, well, green. On this campus, you will find more outdoor common spaces and overall quiet. Pace NYC has no defined campus- the city is your campus. Pace NYC can easily feel congested and small.

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3) Performing Arts

It is important to note that the only campus BFA performing arts majors can attend is the NYC location. Obviously, being in a major entertainment city, this further influences the students of Pace. You may notice more performing artists at this campus, even if it is not necessarily their major.

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4) Student Population

There is a significant difference between the amount of students at each Pace campus. Pleasantville has 2,238 undergraduate students while NYC has  5,341 undergraduate students. This difference creates a unique dynamic among each campus.

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5) Surrounding Neighborhoods

An obvious difference between these two campuses is the world that closely surrounds them. In NYC, the whole city is easily accessible by subways near or on campus. There are many places to explore and visit. Pleasantville, however, is a smaller village and does not have the same vibrant, rushed, metropolitan dynamic as NYC.

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Pace University is a great college choice for any student. Whether they choose the Pleasantville or NYC campus, however, is up to them. With so many amazing reasons to consider each one, the process could be a little stressful. Hopefully this article provided you with unique insight into the two different worlds of Pace University.


Christine Suddeth

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