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After a well-deserved break, it’s time for students to get back into the College mode. Here a few tips to start off a good Spring semester at Pace University.  It can be hard for some students to smoothly transition from the relaxed environment to a more hasty environment. Or perhaps you’re a student concerned about starting strong for Spring Semester. Here a few tips to start off a good Spring semester at Pace University.

1. Make a List

Write down EVERYTHING. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. Making a list would be beneficial because you have a plain list of all your tasks. It will be easier for you to prioritize each task. Having a To-do list will also hold you accountable for getting it done.


2. Meet with your academic advisor

Meeting with your advisor is a great way to kick off your Spring Semester. Talk about your expectations for the year. Discuss any concerns you may have. Your advisor will ease all of your expectations and help you find the best possible way to help you tackle this semester. After all, your advisor is here to help you.    

3. Find New Study Methods

You can visit the learning academic center in the Mortola Library to gain more knowledge on study skills. It’s always prominent to explore new ways to obtain information. You can’t study the same way for Math as you do for History. You might find this workshop very helpful for your academic career.  

4. Visit the Pace’s Bookstore

As the Spring semester comes to an opening, there are going to be very LONG lines coming from the bookstore. If you already know what textbooks you need for the classes you registered for, order your textbooks online. You will be able to pick up your textbooks and pay for them quicker rather than buy it in the store and wait.

These are the four essential steps to start off a great spring semester for students at Pace University.  It can be hard from transitioning from Winter break for some students. Which is why it’s a great idea to plan ahead. Your academic career relies on it!


Ayanna Armstrong

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