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Morning classes are every student’s nightmare but what most of the students don’t realize is the number of benefits that this class has in long run. MAT 104 has one of the classes that starts at 7:25 am. While MAT 104 itself is a class full of value, taking it in the morning adds extra reasons to celebrate this morning class.

1. You’re done before everyone starts.

Waking up early might not be fun especially when friends in dorms were playing board games until late night but also remember that starting early means you will end early as well. So basically you have the whole day to yourself. You have plenty of time to join a club, or pursue your hobby by starting your own club in college.

2. Less distraction

Early morning classes are more easy to focus in because there are less distractions around you. No one would be sending you snaps or texts at that time because most of your friends must be sleeping. There would be no one shouting or laughing loudly in the lobby as there are very few students in college that early. Less distraction = more focus = good grades.

3. You are likely to stay more productive

There will be so much time left after your morning class that you can easily finish your homework the same day. If you choose an evening class instead you won’t be finishing homework the same day and it just keeps on getting procrastinated until last moment. You stay up to date with all the class work and also get enough time to pursue an activity to stay involved on campus. Win-win from every side.

4. Easy transition into post-grad real world.

After graduation, odds are high that you will end up getting a 9 to 5 job. You better start making it a habit to wake up early so you don’t have trouble settling in your new workspace and can function effectively in first few weeks itself.  Also, morning persons are proved to work more effectively than everyone else.

Hence, if you think practically taking MAT 104 early morning class has huge benefits throughout the semester and it will boost your productivity. Try to get out from your comfort zone and think about things that makes you more productive because that’s what college is all about.


Yesha Chahwala

Recently moved from India to NYC to study international business at Pace University. Also a national gymnast of India. Here to share my experience of Pace NYC Campus.

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