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The life of a college student can be busy, stressful, and most of all, costly. In order to offset this burden, many students find work nearby. At Pace University, this trend is no different. here are a few ways to help make a little extra cash working as a student at Pace.

1. Work-Study Jobs

At Pace, there are many opportunities to help out on campus. Whether it be working in the Computer Center, Library, or at the Student Information Desk, there are many jobs available for students. Apply early in the semester for one of these coveted jobs. They help directly pay off the cost of your tuition!

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2. Gyms (Barry’s Bootcamp, Equinox, Blink, etc.)

Working at a gym makes students money as well as helps them save it. When you work at a gym like Blink (which is just a few minutes walk from main campus), you usually get a free membership to the gym. Help yourself stay healthy while saving some extra cash on what would go towards an expensive gym membership. At Pace, working at gyms is actually quite common for this reason.

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3. Chipotle

If you are looking for somewhere to work that is a less than two minute walk from campus- look no further! Located on the intersection at Fulton and William streets, Chipotle is a great way to make money close to home. Many Pace students work there when their schedule permits, so it can be a great way to meet even more Pace students.

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4. Retail (Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie and Fitch)

Many Pace students work at Urban and Abercrombie because they are close to campus and students frequently enjoy shopping there. If you are interested in continuing with jobs in retail in the future, this is a great fit for you. You receive discounts to the stores and begin to get a greater understanding for how the world of retail works.

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5. Babysitting

If you have a love for children and are serious about putting in a time commitment, this may just be the job for you. Many parents all over Manhattan and Brooklyn are looking for part-time sitters or nannies. There are various websites, such as and that help connect sitters to families. Most homes are just a quick subway ride from campus and pay quite well, especially if the family has more than one child.

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There are many other job opportunities than just the ones listed here, but this article is certainly a great place to start. Being a student at Pace University in NYC gives you an even greater opportunity to start following your serious career goals while still in college. As you learn how to spend your time wisely in college, hopefully you will consider some of these options to help you make money and transition into “real life” in a way that allows you to learn more and have fun.


Christine Suddeth

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