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Going to college can be one of the greatest experiences of your young adult life. You will meet different people from different backgrounds and different personalities. Pace University is known for its diverse campus. It is a home to many. These are the six types of students at Pace University.

1. The Overachiever

The sky is not the limit! These students tend to shoot for the stars. They are always punctual and always pay attention. They take down precisely detailed notes dictated by their professors during lectures and do their homework ahead of time. They know that there’s no room for procrastination.


2. The Dean Lister

This the type of student you go to help whether it’s for studying for an exam or extra help on homework. They care about their GPA more than anything. Failing is never a viable option. Which is why they always tend to strive to do their best with everything.


3. The Broke Student

We all know that one student in our class that goes around campus asking for a swipe. They stand around like vultures in the Cafe waiting for someone to come to their rescue. They also complain about how hungry they are. But somehow they are able to make it through the entire semester living off forty dollars.


4. The Spoiled Student

The student who doesn’t have any worries about student loans, the newest car and have their parents credit card. They can afford express two-day shipping deliveries and order out every weekend. They are the student who’s closet you know you can look through because they’re bound to have what you’re searching for.


5. The Party Animal

The student who knows what parties are happening before the party is even planned. They pre-game before the pre-game. They aren’t usually tied down to one social group because of their outgoing personality. If they are that party you know that you should be there.


6. The Netflix Addict

It’s rare you see this student leave their dorm unless it’s for food. They would rather relax in their comfy bed than socialize with the student body. You can always ask them for Netflix recommendations because they’ve probably seen it all. And they have good snacks.


Pace University is known for its diversity. Everywhere you go, you will meet people from all walks of life. Embrace it. Go out on campus and meet someone new.


Ayanna Armstrong

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